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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    I too will take a set F & R
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    what to protect before airbag replacement

    Thanks to all. I intend to stand beside them as they are doing the work. and yes the weather is great, yesterday was warmer in Calgary than in Florida, and no falling Iguanas.
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    what to protect before airbag replacement

    I seem to remember someone posted a picture of how they protected their dash and steering wheel before airbag replacement. I have searched and cannot find the post. If anyone can post pictures I would appreciate as the techs are coming next Tuesday to replace both and I want to make sure I have...
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    Canadian Insurance companies

    All my vintage cars are with Hagerty, but all the contemporary are with Intact. I have a defined value on most of my cars. Sorry cannot help with price since all my cars are lumped together, and it is so dependant on where the car is parked at night.
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    My new ride

    Order placed April 2016, delivery was May 2017. I have fairly low milage, around 1000 km's....Too many other cars to drive. Live mostly in Calgary, Alberta but my wife is from Newton Ma. So we spend a few days there every other month and some time in Sherbrooke, Quebec. NO mods, I am a purist...
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    My new ride

    It's a great car and lots of fun to drive. I have one in China grey with the yellow accents
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    Newbie from Western Canada

    Congrats, Enjoy your drives and get into Area 27.
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    Marble wrap floors

    what you have is a Metallic Epoxy coating. These products are as durable as conventional epoxy, the only difference is a metallic pigment is added to the mix and depending on the flow and angle you will get some great designs.
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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    Advance Ford in Calgary is coming to my home to replace the Inflators. No issues whatsoever. Contact Justin Swinton Service Manager Advantage Ford 403-225-3608 | 403-389-6727 | fax: 403-225-3630 12800 Macleod Trail SE T2J 7E5
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    Bridgestone Tires

    would anyone have the manufactures SKU for the tires?. I want to make sure my tire store does not screw this up.
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    Ford is stepping up in the electric vehicle market!

    The old batteries still have lots of life left after they are removed from cars. Embrace the future, EV's are coming. Received Jaguar I-Pace a month ago, loving it for daily...
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    Magnetic battery charger

    MagCodePowerSystems 12/24 V I ordered mine from the UK, the US distributor has not been able to supply.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Just received my Thanks but no Thanks Dear Zachary, Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for the Ford GT. Unfortunately, the demand has surpassed our very limited production, and we will not be able to fulfill your request. Thank you again for sharing your passion for Ford and...
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Just got my Thanks but... NO
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    New Garage Build, please advise.

    No need, the foam insulates and provides a moisture barrier, replacing the 10 mil poly