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    700 mile update on 0098 - AJB Liquid Blue

    Tyhis is what the sent me on the Oil Change
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    How many NFGT's should we expect at Carlisle?

    Im Bringing the 2017, 2006 and the Matech car . See you there Always a great time at Carlisle
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    15th Anniversary Ford GT Celebration at Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Defiantly Super Ford Carlisle is going to be a great event. GTs parked 6 feet apart. Excellent
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    Personalized Plates

    its got a Lance story ,
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    Any Carrera GT owners out there?

    Great car looks and drives fantastic enjoy , best sounding car IMO
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    Hoosier Express #120

    Looks Like Great Fun
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    Borla X-Pipe

    SEMA Borla GT looks great. from their Face Book Page Anybody there let us know what you think .
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    Looks like great day Ron.
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    Matech GT3

    Looks Great
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    Any new rotor options?

    I have very good longevity, more than twice as long , By having a set of new rotors cryogenically treated and using Carbone Lorraine (CL) brake pads
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    2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition # 9

    Great Looking Spec, it will look terrific parked on a Gulf colored flooring
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    Great lokking watch Ron.
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    Day at Atlanta Driving Club

    Great pictures ,
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    Matech GT3

    Tim have had your car on the scales ? Mine weighs in at 2540lbs