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    How can you increase supercharger wine?

    Chip ,Dr Frank, and Ed, you are on the right track. Supercharger Red for Dr. Frank, and Supercharger White for Ed. Yellow won't cut it for you Chip; perhaps Chardonnay?
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    Little drive in the GT with NO EXHAUST...OH YES!

    Sounds a lot like the Ford Performance long tube header, non street legal system. It may be a little deeper tone in the lower rpm range. Can't get enough of it, ears and neighbors be damned!
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    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    I should have gotten a BS in Auto Auctioneering! ( Or perhaps it's all BS ) I was wrong. Surprised at prices. I'm sorry, but a million plus for an NGT is crazy. Particularly Cena's. Imagine down the road, some auction house saying; " We have the complete documentation of the lineage of this...
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    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    Great, thanks. Should be interesting viewing and generate a lot of comments.
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    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    Is this a higher number of vehicles being sold than would be expected? My thoughts have been that the market has been softening. Movement of all these cars should be a real indicator of what's going on. My bad for not intending to watch, but will someone be kind enough to tabulate the $...
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    Wiper inserts

    Ditto, any speed in the rain. Good info on the wipers. Thanks
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    A little late for Xmas; But?

    Ed, Great idea! lol Still have to have a place to put It. Maybe Joyce's half of the master closet?? ( Good luck with that. ) Happy New Year
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    A little late for Xmas; But?

    They also have a black #2 Heritage in a single package. I am running out of room!
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    A little late for Xmas; But?

    Walmart has a 2 piece R/C set. 2017 Red/White stripe GT and Dodge Charger Police car. Approx 1/8 scale. $ 40. For age 6 and above, so I guess I qualify. Specracer: you must have one already.
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    Valkyrie...more magic from MultiMatic

    Great video. Thanks. What an amazing example of road-worthy engineering! Price? Quantity? I believe they are all sold out? Completely crazy, but that sound would make you forget so.
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    $60,000 mark up on a GT 500.

    This is just plain crazy! What a world we live in! Greed up; quality of life down. This is ridiculous, but it's always about the money. Crazy thing is, someone will probably pay it. More money than brains. Perhaps Ford was right with their 2 year restriction on NGT resale, but then again...
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    Stradman buys a 2005 GT in Hawaii

    Cool videos. You gotta give the guy credit. Looks like his car collection, age appearance and energy level have gone up exponentially in the last 4 years. What is he taking? I would have fired him too. 5 minutes with him in a job environment and I would go nuts.
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    My new Ford

    Perhaps better term for winter: HOT!! Looks like it will be a real blast. Have fun. Car sales are spiking. You have too much time on your hands. Can you fit a plow on it and come down and do my driveway?
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    Cyber Monday Sale - BBS FI-R Wheels

    Would these fit an '06? If not directly, what issues would you have to address/overcome?
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    A little work of art for the car that is a work of art!

    She can put her tutu on my bonnet any day!