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    N082 Cinematic Video

    Great stuff! Best looking car on the planet.
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    Is that a kit car?

    Ford dealer parts guys automatically go to their Mustang parts display when you say "GT".
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    My New 2022 Liquid Carbon Edition

    Congratulations! You are very lucky indeed. ( Particularly if that is your garage. ) Meaning no disrespect, I have to put in my $.02. I love orange, and of course gaga about the car, but I don't think I'd combine the two. A unique format, but I wouldn't cover up the artwork. ( Unfortunately...
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    Is that a kit car?

    How much does it cost? A lot. $300,000? No. $200,000! YIPES!
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    Liquid Carbon #24 has arrived

    Stunning! Should really get a lot of attention at car shows. Sure puts an end to the question; " Is the whole car Carbon Fiber? "! Now I know why I said "yes" when they asked me if I would be interested. That didn't work out, but I'm happy with what I have. Enjoy your special status car, and...
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    Clamshell spring cap

    Ditto, same problem. No way those pieces were going to last 16 or more years. Probably an Escort part to begin with. Going to look at big box auto stores to see if there is something to do the trick, perhaps with modifications. I haven't tried, but I don't think Ford would have just the cap...
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    Flag, Flying, & Ford!

    You really rode in that thing, huh? You have truly earned the accolade " Thank You For Your Service! " Bless you.
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    How many Carbon Series so far?

    Interesting. Sometime the numbers are different from what you think. I'm sure that sometime after it's all over, we'll get a complete breakdown of the 13xx cars in the build, and I bet that will be really interesting and probably different from what you might expect. Another task we will need...
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Forget the Rally. It's our ongoing gratitude to Dave that counts. Really appreciate the incredible continuing effort. Don't know how he continues to do it, but I know he'll do it again. Thanks in advance
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    Ford CEO Jim Farley podium finish at LeMans Classic n original gt40

    I guess he can afford it. Is that DBK in the picture?
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Just asking. What safety equipment will be required for the Track Day at the Rally? Who enforces, and how strictly? Have stuff left over from previous Rally that hasn't been used. Assume same required for driver and any passenger ( instructor ). Anyone have directions for belt installation...
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    OEM Oil Pump Belts back in stock at Ford

    Can you say " Mark Up"! Jesus!
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    Hypercar Invitational

    Nice garage! Where's the GT?
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    GT40 EV

    Can't wait to drive by road rage at ( not enough ) charging stations.