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    Yes. Apparently Porsche had done so already. Now, max. of 5 car grid? It never was much, but this makes it a non-series.
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    Just Picked up a 2020 Pista

    Nice car! Good luck. Yes, times they are a-changin. Good time to buy. Ooops, not a good time to sell. Funny how that works. In the midst of the tremendous worldwide issues we face, reassessing and re-evaluating a decision to buy a $500k plus supercar is probably not going to generate a lot of...
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    More Press Time For Chip

    Pretty cool! Funny story. We need you on Motor Trent TV somewhere with that one. Man that car looks great.
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    Ford GT sales OUTPACE a number of manufacturers with nice rides

    Agreed, but a $ is a $. Anyone think that Ford might nix the program? GT500 might serve as a more up-to-date "halo" car. Not so sure how much of a car guy the "office furniture" boss is. Also C8 is going to clean our clock anyway. 7 year old technology ain't gonna cut. Of course all the cars...
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    Bridgestone replacement source

    Volume customer gets the good ones! lol
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    Titanium Lug Nut Wrench

    IMO, definitely no impact wrench! I won't use one even on my '06 BBSes, let alone titanium. Once it breaks loose and then rapidly spins out it can wobble and scratch the counter-bores or worse if it comes out completely, spinning at high speed against wheel face. Opposite going in. Quality...
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    Ford GT sales OUTPACE a number of manufacturers with nice rides

    Fords are not really "sales". Interesting though to see the declines in other supercar volumes. Thanks for presenting this. Dave, Any comment on production shortfalls?
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    Chip's NFGT on the cover of the "Blue Press"

    Roger on Dillon. Was going to say "forget about he car; who's the girl? 50? That's amazing. Will the car look that good after 50 years? I'll bet it will. Great job Chip! I should have a copy of that catalog waiting for me in the mail at the Cape, if I can ever get out of here. Will...
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    Smart Junction Box

    Yipes! Wouldn't wish that on anyone. All Forum members cross your fingers when you read this. Perhaps this will drive away the wicked SJB spirits.
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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Hi Andy, Holy mackerel!! Unfortunately we are up against an indiscriminate killer; even the good guys get it. Glad you are on the mend. Good advice on safety measures, but it is hard sometimes to remember to comply. I was on my way to take my daily walk yesterday, when a guy on a motorcycle...
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    Happy Easter!

    Ride, yes Spin, no
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Nice office staff shirts. Ford/gt colors; next Rally?
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    Social distancing GT style

    Beautiful picture! Car definitely not built for "social distancing '', even before it became a requirement. Drive with heads out the windows? Let's see which of our members will claim the highest speed for this driving mode
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    Based on the (now greater - see Biden, Sanders ) pressure for "zero carbon" ( whatever that is ) , I see no appetite for Ford or GM to try and do something like this. Unless it is way far along in the pipeline, which I doubt, I see such a project being DOA. Besides, it's ugly!
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    McIntosh Amp Fan Noise ....replacement available ?

    Radio Shack? Good luck!