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    My Big Day and L172

    Great color combo. Congrats on taking ownership. Vince H
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    Does this make my rear end look wide?

    This is my friend SYCO! Haha! Vince H
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    Finally Pulled the trigger

    Right on. Welcome to the group. Vince H
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    Ahlman Engineering Suspension Performance Services

    If I mentioned that then no one would watch it. Haha! At least Scott looks good in it. Vince H
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    Ahlman Engineering Suspension Performance Services

    Our friend and resident suspension expert Scott is featured in this video. Thought you guys might enjoy it. Vince H
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    Killed it Stormy. It is quintessential you. So do you consider this a Storm Cat Signature Series 1? Vince H
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    15th Anniversary Ford GT Celebration at Carlisle Ford Nationals

    So wish I was there. Enjoy everyone. Vince H
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    Shmee...does it all.

    Agree with everyone's sentiments. Super hard working guy that truly loves what he's doing. It shows in his videos. Vince H
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    New GT has arrived

    Looks incredible, as does the others in your stable. Congrats! Vince H
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    Why do this?

    I don't mind it ..... the color that is, the color is not bad. Haha! Vince H
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    Rally 13 UPDATE.

    We all feel your frustration Chip. Thank you none the less for trying so hard to put this together for all of us. I'm certain that DBK and you did not come to this decision without exhausting every option. Vince H
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    Multimatic SVO

    Wow. What an endeavor. So good! Vince H
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    Small hydraulic fluid leak from aero flap mechanism

    Really Hi-Tech Ed. Love it. Vince H
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    Hey, I know that guy!

    Right on Kevin. The garage is sweet. Vince H
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    27 LITRES....

    Been following this with great excitement. So good Dave. Vince H