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    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    As mentioned in the other thread, awesome build. Congrats. Vince H
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    Grabber Blue VIN L077

    Stoked for you Fred. Can't wait to see it when delivered. Vince H
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    Bathurst 12 Hour

    I was following via his IG and FB accounts. The race looked incredible. Vince H
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    Got one

    Congrats on the purchase. You will not be disappointed. Vince H
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    Ford GT MK II vs McLaren Senna

    Too many unknowns, but awesome to see anyways. Vince H
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    Enjoyed reading that. Congrats to Edsel. A class guy all the way. Vince H
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    RIP John Andretti

    Agreed. Much to soon. Vince H
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    Helping Ford find its way back to LeMans?

    I read this off the IMSA FB account about an hour ago. Interested in DBK;s take on this. Are those in Ford interested enough to continue with prototyype racing as it relates to the GT? Vince H
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    I will watch some, but without a dog in the fight it just won't be as passionate. Vince H
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    NFGT Mark II - bought by Google VP Benjamin Sloss Treynor

    Spectacular. So awesome to see MKII being used as it was intended. Vince H
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    A little Monica Article

    Monica is amazing. You're not bad either Terry, but in a much lesser capacity. Haha! Vince H
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    Ford GT mk2

    Gorgeous. Just another level. Vince H
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    New Aviator in the Family

    I got one for Susan in September. Black Edition. She loves it. Vince H
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    Call from concierge

    It helps if you know any Cuban people. Vince H
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    2020 - It's on

    Stunning GT. Congrats and welcome. Vince H