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    Camilo and Jay Leno

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video TWICE!
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    Car meets worth visiting?

    I would do the Malibu CC, Sunset GT and the Petersen Museum. Forget car meets, you need to do a long drive on some of the great roads that SoCal offers.
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    Car and Driver’s Latest Lightining Lap Event — Ford GT competes and...

    Honestly, the data on NFGT track performance is quite limited. I don't know if that's a deliberate attempt from Ford or just the lack of Ford press cars. I would love to see Motor Trend run the NFGT at Laguna Seca, I think that is one test where everybody feels comfortable as a fair benchmark.
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    PPI reccommendation in Florida

    Go with what you like. As for which color is for better investment, I don't think it makes a difference unless it's a Heritage Gulf blue car.
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    EVO video comparison test

    Thought I would share this in the NFGT section. According to EVO, all 4 cars were tested on the Cup 2 tires to make it a fair comparison.
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    PPI reccommendation in Florida

    Just for reference, I bought my 2006 FGT in Tungsten Silver with all 4 options about 3 months ago. I paid 280K for a 1200 miles example.
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    Added a few blings to my car

    Like I said, I was very impressed. The license plate frame must have weighed 2lbs :eek
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    Added a few blings to my car

    LOL, that I do not know!
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    Added a few blings to my car

    I was very impressed with the quality of these parts. Feels like it's carved out from a solid aluminum billet.
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    Added a few blings to my car

    Thanks to ENZOBTR, I picked up these bling blings (coolant and oil caps, license plate frame) for my FGT. Such a small world, turns out ENZOBTR and I have some friends in common :lol
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    NFGT maintenance

    $650 for an oil change on a carbon tub car is more than reasonable. In fact, it's CHEAP. I think the big surprise will be the parts once the warranty expires.
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    GT at the ring ??

    I'm not sure about that. I think the NFGT has enough power, but whether it has sufficient downforce to take the Ring on properly, that's the big unknown. The suspension needs to set up for the Ring as well.
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    A new 2005 Ford GT owner....thanks for the site!

    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
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    A Ford GT, a pair of turbos and a lot of titanium.....

    Wow, looks beautifully crafted. Please post more pictures and videos!
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    714 mile 06 GT for auction at GAA Greensboro this weekend

    Wow, 310 means 341 with commission. I guess price are going back up again?