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    Help! Need car seat anchor to pass Canadain inspection.

    Did you check with the owner to see if he has it? It's probably sitting on a shelf somewhere. Maybe borrow one from someone. I think it takes a T50. (I pulled mine out too so I could put stuff behind the pass. seat. )
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    Help! Need car seat anchor to pass Canadain inspection.

    It's a single unit with latches that fit between the seat and back.
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Joey's Back!
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    Ford vs. Ferrari - Film Review

    Film festival in Telluride Colorado
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    DCH Ford in Thousand Oaks California

    I always mention that center is third that first is a push to the left and reverse is slam to left. starting in third is death. Or so some can attest
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    Need Struts and Vents

    Front struts are in stock at warehouse.
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    Gauge Repair

    Repairing the factory small gauges is useless. You can buy replacements that won't fail directly from Autometer. The bad small gauges are paperweights. That leaves the speedometer and tachometer, which someone here will upgrade with modern innards that won't fail. Search will find it. I...
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    Clamshell Secondary Latch Release Bar

    I'm able to reach both sides from the driver side door. It does help to have struts with enough oomph to hold it up without assist.
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Great way to solve a problem. probably cost a few bucks at home depot
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    06 Ford Gt adventure home

    Awesome story!!! How could you stand knowing it was so far away for so long? At least you'll get a few months of driving season! Stay off the freeways and on the mountain roads home, the car handles like a dream. But you've read over all the years how scooty the GT can be, especially on...
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    Ordered a C8 tonight

    I think people are going to be quite surprised at the value proposition of the C8. Vettes have always been a superb deal for the price/performance and will continue. Owners of newer Corvettes, e.g., C7 might be disappointed in the changes in handling but in the end it's just different - better...
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    Who works on your FGT?

    The beauty of the Ford GT is that it is, well, just a f*n Ford. While it might be considered an exotic, there is nothing exotic about it. Unlike, say Ferrari and Aston Martin and all the rest, where it takes 2 hours just to get the wrappers off the engine, the FGT engine and all the other...
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    What’s next?

    Yeah, and they used to claim 95% but the number slowly backs off over time...
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    What’s next?

    My point is that Shelby American does not participate in the GT40 replica business. A number of years ago they produced some "85th birthday" editions, which did not sell out and for which some might be still available. Shelby American only does Cobras (and of course the ongoing Mustang and...