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    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    Barrett Jackson started today and is on TV and with live streaming (the streaming is great with a PIP widget that floats without jamming up the whole screen with a browser page. No "general admission" so the bidder pool is only pre-registered. With general admission people could register on...
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    Fuel Filler Fix - solution found and engineered

    I had one of these types on another vehicle too. I always just put the nozzle in straight and didn't let the hose put too much pressure/tension on the handle so it doesn't try to move the nozzle inside the tube.
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    New Owner - greetings from Marblehead, OHIO!

    You've started another topic (yet another gauge discussion) but I'll follow up to Zach's comments there.
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    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    I was going to post links when I got back to my laptop with a keyboard :) But you beat me to it!
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    Public service announcement: List of Ford GTs at upcoming auctions (with links)

    I just got the catalog for the Barrett Jackson Fall 2020 auction. This was previously held at the Mandalay Bay here in Vegas, but everything is shut down so they are holding it at the usual location (I call it the "horse arena") in Scottsdale. There are two Ford GTs present. One 2005 red car...
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    Replacing Turn Signal Lamp in Left (Driver Side) Front Headlight Assembly

    That confirms the nature of the failure, but like Arnie said in the Terminator: "I'll be back".
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    Bridgestone Potenza replacement tire size for 05/06 FGT

    That's what I ran based on GT Guy's recommendations.
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    Recall issues

    The seal and axle bolts were not recalls, they were Technical Service Bulletins and do not show up on NHTSA recall lists. Only a dealer OASIS report can tell you if they were performed.
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    Pulley / Tuner kits in stock $ 999

    Is there a puller? The Ford pulley/tune instructions say to use a machine press to push it off and on. The Mustang superchargers all had a thread in the end and you could use a regular pulley puller but the GT's is a solid shaft.
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    Pulley / Tuner kits in stock $ 999

    Removing the supercharger is much easier than the service manual instructions. First I mark with blue tape every connection that is attached on both sides. A to A, etc. Then remove the bolts front to rear. Leave the rear bolts (just one will do) so they are loose but still engaged. You...
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    Need GT specialist!!!

    It's their way of telling you they don't want to do that business any more. My Ford dealer priced me out of services too.
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    New Raptor V8?

    It is
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    Make sure you get those specific tires. Front come in another type . Front N1 tread match
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    Fuel / boost

    Yes, disconnect the cables from the old battery and connect to the new, You might have to remove the old battery to get the cables connected to the new one since they are not overly long. I did mine with one of the "jumper batteries" which is a standalone unit, not a vehicle-to-vehicle...