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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Holy cow is right. I Was thinking about red, now I need to consider liquid carbon, it looks pretty spectacular.
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    Cool post, Dave.
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    Cars & Coffee GT Event

    Nice pictures. Love the one of the three New Ford GT Heritage editions.
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    Belt harnesses for new GT

    That's a pretty sobering video!
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    A Prank Well Played

    So, how did April fools day go this year? Is Frank in the Dog House?
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Syco GT, nicely said. Congrats!
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Holy cow, I got a yes! Cannot believe it. Like Dakota GT expressed, thank you to Ford and my Forum friends who encouraged me. Good luck to the rest.
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    Congratulations Larry Coe!!!

    Congratulations, looks magnificent!
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    Friendly reminder to wear eye protection

    Wow, that is scary!
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    Ford Performance Article

    Great article, cool story. It seems like you have some writing talent in you!
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    floor mats for NGT

    The floor mats look great.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shegotlegs

    Hope you had a great Birthday!
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    Just got the build news!

    Cool news, congratulations
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    Mecum NO SALE NFGT

    Interesting, hopefully this will accomplish what Ford intended.