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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    That's a MAJOR award!
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    I received my vin

    Hope you can sleep :).
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    Favorite or Recommended Car Covers for your NFGT

    Call Ric and he will custom make a cover for you. He can even copy the color and stripe of your NGT. This is the OEM partner Ford uses. Ric GeigerJr. Key Account Manager Cell +1 (586) 696-8808 Confezioni Andrea North America 29620 Parkway - Roseville 48066...
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    27 LITRES....

    Absolutely amazing. You should be very proud to complete such a large undertaking.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    I wonder if the custom livery ford street cars are now available as an option to non MKII customers? Ben, your 3 GT's look amazing. Hope to see them in person someday.
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    GT Track car build

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    GT Track car build

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    Onboard the GT MK II for a lap of Buttonwillow racetrack

    Ben, I heard you have close to 3000 miles on the MKII. That's a lot of for just picking it up a few months ago. Great driving.
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    Mark II

    Wow. Very nice. When do you take delivery?
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    GT Track car build

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    I received my vin

    Enjoy the journey. You will always look back with fond memories on the ordering stage. Then it ramps up when you can drive it :) Interesting that for a 2021 delivery you have VIN 259.
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    My first post is one of gratitude

    Congratulation and welcome to the Forum.
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    Car Cover

    They used my car to make a new cover with the wing up. They will make it as custom as you want.
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    Is two layers Expel overkill?

    Sliplo is on sale 50% off. No affiliation (I did order it).
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    Car Cover

    I bought mine from the manufacturer: Ric Geiger Account Manager Office: +1 (586) 359‑2411