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    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    Congratulations. It's all part of the journey.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    It’s tinted clear coat.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    I'm building an exposed CF body race car and we are using a similar finish. Tinted clear is amazing.
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    Ready to buy a GT. Help me find it! (Found it)

    Congratulations. Now the fun begins.
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    Which blue to pick?

    What he said!
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    Which blue to pick? So many incredible blues. Why not pick one no one has.
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    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    Agreed. My delivery window is 3/5 - 3/9.
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    NFGT Aero Screens

    Get in touch with Rich Brooks 734 658 9498 Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new GT
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    Shelby Bash 2020

    Kevin, You driving and will you have the PPF completed before the Shelby Bash?
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    New 05/06 Borla exhaust for sale

    Borla Long Tube Headers sold to forum member. Thanks
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    2006 Red Ford GT

    That's the price for salvage cars. No stories/no accidents then jump on that. (If you don't please me know and I will)
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Example: A door assembly is $16,000 not including finish.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Instead of Xpel PPF, I think I will wrap mine in gloss carbon :).
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    At the Concourse d elegance in Michigan, Grabber Blue L077 will be representing Ford in the super car display area. My 2020 is scheduled for delivery early March. I have not received it yet but it already has its first engagement. I’ll post pics during this event later this year.
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    Ford GT MK II vs McLaren Senna

    Would like to see Street version GT VS. Senna and MKII.