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    Ford ending shelby 350 production

    Mine blew up at 1100 miles on track. Second motor had no issues.
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    Recommendations for incoming NFGT

    My doors are triple wrapped
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    Recommendations for incoming NFGT

    Paint quality is excellent. If it does not meet your standards, the PPF will obscure any supposed imperfections that your detailer may point out. Suntek and Clearplex for on solid white car.
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    27 LITRES....

    I think you should call it "The Pandemic"
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    Onboard the GT MK II for a lap of Buttonwillow racetrack

    Well done! Could you share the details of the design process for the livery.
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    Vehicle lift for NGT and 2006 GT

    I have ATLAS 408-SL and is wide enough to fit the new/old GT with a spotter and does not require compressed air to unlock. There is even a wider option called ATLAS 9000....I would get the 9000 or HD9 Bendak if buying now
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    The new Porsche GT3 + Porsche GT Heaven

    Why didn't you sell the Touring?
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    What would you be looking to buy next?

    Has there been any changes in the motors since 2018? My GT350R motor failed on first track day after 1100 miles break in and oil change. The second motor had no issues to 4500 miles...I miss that car
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    New GT owner with question

    I had cat delete with x pipe. It is very loud and went back to cats with the GTGUY xipe which is plenty. I also had the cat delete with the FORD racing muffler which was quite nice and no drone, but the mufflers cracked at the welds. I had both Gen 1 and 2 crack. Enjoy the experience and welcome
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    Aftermarket company uses my FGT for R&D

    I This looks like Guyett’s product.
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    Aftermarket company uses my FGT for R&D
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    Car Cover

    Has anyone bought their seat covers?
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    Voodoo Blue delivery!

    Enjoy in good health!
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Houston news at it's best ...that's me and Earl