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    My Big Day and L172

    Beautiful combination congratulations 🤠
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    I love it Brian. Amazing effect with the expanding black accentuator strips.
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    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    sweet. Amazing that Ford even produced these beauties!
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    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    Does this mean you’re now going to start petting random dogs along the street 😂😜
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    Raw MKII Video

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    My day

    Thanks again guys. Don’t know about the deserved stuff but I sure do appreciate your votes of support and am over the moon and so fortunate and humbled to be able to have access to such a masterpiece!!! Frankly it’s all crazy to me so I’ll just keep on bouncing along and keep thanking the Gods...
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    My day

    Thanks guys. The time is right. The car is right. It’s all finally started to sink in.
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    My day

    Thanks brother.
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    My day

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    My day

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    My day

    I couldn’t ask for a better one! The sun was shining, the coffee fresh and TFX Transport brought my baby in their beautiful rig while Claude Poirier my personal Ford delivery specialist drove it onto terra ferma. I had a few friends and family around to help celebrate the moment.