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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Thank you for the write up Andy. Glad that you are doing better. Have you recovered completely yet?
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    The Return

    Hope I can make it!
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    My fathers passing and MultiMatic

    Condolences & best wishes for the family.
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    Opinions wanted GTX-1

    I've taken mine on the track, to the Mile events, cruises, from L.A. to Texas, etc.. The car is a blast and hasn't given me any trouble.
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    Merry Christmas!!

    Another White Christmas in Reno.. wishing everyone the best this season.
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    Happy Birthday Shelby#18 !!

    Thank you everyone! It was a fine day spent with the family, and visiting nephew / wife. My wife let me purchase Journey tickets!
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    Happy Birthday thegtguy !!

    Happy Birthday Rich! I'm hoping that you are out enjoying.
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    RIP Spirit

    Condolences to Freds family.
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    Forum Policy; regarding damaged or destroyed GT's

    Hello all, There has been a long standing policy regarding the posting of damaged or destroyed cars. If you are not the owner of said car please do not post it! Any postings of this nature not authorized by the owner will be deleted. Thank you, Your Moderators
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    Just saw a Tesla service vehicle

    I saw one yesterday also. It was a Ford Transit Van. It was set up for outside work with a pull out shade attached to a roof runner.
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    Ditto, helped me with all my cars X1 included.
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    Raj Nair appointed Multimatic President & Chief Operating Officer

    Couldn't have been a better matchup!