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    Something white making it's way to Pebble Beach this weekend...

    Well done ��
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    car wax

    Gotta love the user review on the site "Had to sell my car to buy the wax"
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    2016 Pebble Beach Concours Week

    I will be at Concorso Sat, so I will see you there for sure. Steve
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    2016 Pebble Beach Concours Week

    Yes, I meant McCalls, and true it does get crowded, but everything this week is crowded. I believe that it is a charity fund raiser, so hopefully all those $ signs goes to a good cause. Hopefully I will see you around Monterey this week. Steve
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    2016 Pebble Beach Concours Week

    Is anyone going to the Jet center party tomorrow ?
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    Early birthday present...

    That's perfect
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    Happy Birthday nota4re !!

    Happy B Day Kendall
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    Contact at Reliable Shipping?

    Try Intercity lines, I have had great experiences with them
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    Is this an issue with all FGTs?

    getting into reverse is a non issue
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    Has anyone received or seen a GT350 on a dealers lot?

    What is advertised on the major auto websites, including manufacture sites and what dealers are really asking are two different things. So far the best I have found is $20K ADM on an GT350R, you can probably do much better on a GT350, maybe even MSRP, but the R seems to be much more limited and...
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    The New Shelby GT350

    I think we are lucky to have such "high class problems" :wink
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    The New Shelby GT350

    I am getting quoted the same numbers, I am looking for an R, but it looks like I will need to wait 6 months until the ADM goes away.
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    New GT on display at Pebble Car week?

    Here is a pic at the Quail
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    Mexico weather is ummmm nice.

    The weather looks HOT!