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    delivery/production times

    Mine is July 2021 thru Jan 2022. Doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason, now I am crossing my fingers that I can get selected for a heritage edition (hopefully they'll have the Yellow Donahue/McLaren heritage) my favorite :cool:
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    New GT Owner - Black no stripe

    Congrats!!! Enjoy!!! You have the perfect weather for it :cool:
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    Chip Beck's Jeep CJ-5 For Sale on Bring a Trailer

    I've sold a few cars on BAT, haven't bought one yet but I've bid on a few. Great looking CJ!!! Good Luck with the Auction!
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    Wheels and Tires

    3D Printing is ideal for smaller components like the vents, as long as they are produced in the right materials. Larger parts (Like a full dash) start to become cost prohibitive unless they are reproduced for "Extremely Rare & Valuable Cars" where no other solution is viable. In regards to the...
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    Ford is stepping up in the electric vehicle market!

    I've always felt Hybrid is the best of both worlds, excellent performance and it certainly helps with the lackluster electric charging network in rural midwest... the fear must be in the excess number of complicated components or additional cost to make it viable. I remember reading an article...
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    K107 delivery!

    The stripe combo with the red mirrors makes it! Great Spec, Enjoy and Congrats!
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    Not yet, I was part of the most recent allocation. I think it will be a few months before we hear back from the concierge. This is the first car I've bought where I think PPF is a must from everything I've read. That's awesome that you're in Illinois, I didn't notice that. I wouldn't be shocked...
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    Any Illinois recommendations would be appreciated :)
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    Ceramic coatings on Carbon fiber wheels.

    We just bought an egg incubator... Looks just like this :)
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    Sincerest Form of Flattery? Thanks Ferrari!!

    Personally I think its gorgeous... I love the NFGT as well (of course).... I see the crazy similarities to the GTA car and the New GT but I also think it looks like a modern interpretation of the Detomaso Pantera. It departs drastically from the direction Ferrari has gone for the last 30 Years...
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    Sincerest Form of Flattery? Thanks Ferrari!!

    This article definitely nails it.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    I'm speechless... Been walking around the office in disbelief. Thank You Ford for the opportunity and the congratulations letter I received today!!!! WOW!!!
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    Any news on the allocation

    HAH, Love it!!!
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    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    Bought mine over the phone in '06 and drove it from Moundsville WV to IL on January 5th '07... The owner of the dealership and his daughter built it to spec for his collection when their dealership won the allocation lottery. I had only sat in one, let alone drive one... Great people and they...