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    Silver Wheel paint code?

    Was it a water base product ? I realize top coat one would use urethane clear . It is the base silver I am after. Quahog
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    Changing Fluids

    Can someone provide a procedure for coolant draining ? Get to the front rads from below being the start , Is this a workable gravity drain procedure ? or are block drains accessable ? Have access to presure fill system but thats only...
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    Mass Inspection

    Mass hole Specracer filled you all in on our state of Mass hole . I selected a basic garage w/ an older tech guy. The ordeal was over in a few .. He hit his head only once ! Only one camera . I have been in the trade 50 years now so get a...
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    Mass Inspection

    Mass inspection I have not approached my local friendly station. I am not concern of failing. I did contact the state for some kind of waiver. :" Only the inspector can drive vehicles into the bay or they will be fined and /or shut down ".... A camera...
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    Mass Inspection

    Those GT's registered in Mass. must now have the tech drive your car into the inspection bay. In the past I was allowed to do this myself. No More ! says Mass Vehicle Check. Not sure how some of you feel about the liablility and risk w/...
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    Lime Rock Historic racing / Labor Day weekend will host two GT 40's on the track. Richard Atwood of the UK will drive a 66 from the Collier collection. A most rare GT roaster will offer some lunch time fast laps Saturday and Monday. My white Ford GT will...
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    Actually there is closer to FIVE on the Cape . P town hosts a yellow one, 3 white ones near me and Gill Wood ? is suppose to own one of Cape and Islands tire . I have yet to confirm the last one.
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    I plan to use my GT purchase , Drive to store , work etc. Parked in the drive today as I went off to town dump , do errands etc in my beater car. Guy shows up and knocks on door. Wife answers . He just moved up the street and has same year GT...
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    First oil change

    quahog Like Spartan I completed my first oil service just today / 2006 GT . It has 3000 miles but last service was Oct 2016/ previous owner had service done. . All went according to directions from this forum/ DIY / Thanks . The alignment ramp/...
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    quahog I did get Hagerty to insure my GT only a few weeks ago. I do have other older cars with them.
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    I do not think I will tell the grandkids this information.....
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    What is the purpose of the metal bracket mounted low to the rear bulkhead behind the passengers seat ? ' 06 1117
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    Is Motorcraft still the choice for oil change?

    quahog Seeking the correct oil and possible options I asked Mobil if their Mobil 1 full synthetic 5 - 50 met fords wss-m97b51-a1 spec / per owners guide . The reply was NO... it does not .
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    Ford GT Clamshell assembled incorrectly

    quahog Hinges ? still lots to learn here for me . We have an Expedition at the shop as well, will look. I am amazed at how much tooling Ford did to produce this car !