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    Rear Bumper delete kit!!

    Interested. Pm sent
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    Transformed with mods + flames (vid)

    Great looking car. Welcome to the flame shooting club.
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    GoodYear tires for sale.

    Thanks. I missed that part completely. Front tires are 2015 and rears are 2014. They have been stored in a heated garage inside plastic bags.
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    GoodYear tires for sale.

    Price is $750 CDN or $570 USD. Just to clarify. Thanks.
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    GoodYear tires for sale.

    Goodyear Eagle F1 tires for sale. 315 40ZR 19 (5.5mm remaining) 235 45ZR 18 (7mm remaining). Price $750.00. Email at Thanks
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    Accufab x-pipe with wrap

    Selling an Accufab X-pipe for 05 / 06. Includes wrap. Excellent condition. $1100 USD. Email me
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    Door weatherstripping problem.

    Good afternoon. For the past couple of years the drivers side door weatherstripping on my 06 has slowly started to come unstuck on the drivers side 'A pillar'. It appears to have some kind of thick yellow / white glue trying to hold it in place. Can you guys recommend a glue that will help to...
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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    Thanks DBK. Just to confirm, can Canadian owners get the same service?
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    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    I have 10'6" ceilings in my garages and I can extend my lifts to full height with the GT on top. I can drive a Porsche Macan underneath with no issues. If I were to move I would want at least 10'6" ceilings so I could comfortably work under the GT.
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    Luftgekuhlt 6

    Wow, what a turnout. Great photos Chip. Thanks for sharing..
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    Happy Birthday Chip Beck..!!

    Happy Birthday Chip.
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    The EcoBoost that started it all..!!

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Happy Birthday Stormcat

    Happy Birthday Brian.
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    Speed Therapy: Boost Your Mood | Go Further |

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.