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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    Thanks DBK. Just to confirm, can Canadian owners get the same service?
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    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    I have 10'6" ceilings in my garages and I can extend my lifts to full height with the GT on top. I can drive a Porsche Macan underneath with no issues. If I were to move I would want at least 10'6" ceilings so I could comfortably work under the GT.
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    Luftgekuhlt 6

    Wow, what a turnout. Great photos Chip. Thanks for sharing..
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    Happy Birthday Chip Beck..!!

    Happy Birthday Chip.
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    The EcoBoost that started it all..!!

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Happy Birthday Stormcat

    Happy Birthday Brian.
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    Speed Therapy: Boost Your Mood | Go Further |

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.
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    Happy Birthday DBK !!

    Happy Birthday Dave.
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    Happy Birthday Propdave !!

    Thanks for the birthdays wishes. Happy holidays to all.
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    Pat Milliken Ford - Camilo deliv!

    Congratulations Camilo. Looking forward to seeing what masterpiece you create with that beast. Enjoy in good health.
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    J169 delivered in St Louis today 9/9/18

    Congratulations. Beautiful car. Enjoy in good health.
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    Last day at Ford

    Congratulations Mark. What an impressive career you have created and experienced over 38 years. Wishing you the best of luck in the next phase of your life.
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    2018 Last Frontier Alaska Cobra Tour

    Wonderful photos. Looks like you got a tour of Fred's car collection during your stop in Calgary. Thanks for posting.
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    Racing a stunt plane and hanging out with jets for a great cause.

    The company that sells rides to the public at airshows with a Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo is called Precision Exotics. They are a for profit company that sells rides or drives for $150. For the show we attended, they had a problem with the Gallardo and couldn't do the event without...
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    Racing a stunt plane and hanging out with jets for a great cause.

    Two weeks ago my son and I were lucky enough participate in a local airshow. The company that usually provides exotic car rides to the public could not bring out enough cars for the event so we were asked if we could help out. We took my GT and R8 then spent two days hanging out with some very...