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    Shelby CSX4000 for sale

    Happy Birthday to me!!:cool: As they would say.... "the checks in the mail". I am really looking forward to the new addition as I've always wanted to experience ownership of a Cobra so when I read the post the excitement started brewing. Knowing Tim over the years really made this decision...
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    Well done Brian!! Retirement looks like a ton of fun
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    Ford GT Billet parts now available again. End of the year special on Top & side vents

    We have plenty of vents in stock and ready to ship. Feel free to PM me for a forum member discount.
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    Engine braces group buy

    At the time of shipping
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    Engine braces group buy

    Based on the current schedule it looks like approximately 8 weeks to completion time.
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    Another unexpected kind gesture from a great man

    I received another unexpected gift from Mr. Li (SuperNova's father).:eek: This is my second model he has done for me. Back on July 30th 2017 I invited Chris and his father to be part of the group of friends and family for our GT delivery. Last weekend the local GT owners got together for lunch...
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    50 Years Celebration Tumbler

    I will order mine with the banner once they are available
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    Thank you Dave! Great time at Rd Atlanta Petit Le Mans

    Great times for sure with a ton of awesome people! Well done DBK! You da man ;)
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    Custom Side vent clearance sale

    One set of custom sides spoken for so we have 4 sets left. Get them while you can
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    Petit Rally 2019

    I'm in for the drive as well. Let me know if anyone has an open passenger seat
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    Custom Side vent clearance sale

    My machinist has 5 sets of custom side vents laying around that he would like to move if anyone is interested. The original price was $650 + shipping per set and the clearance sale is $400 + shipping per set. Contact me if anyone is interested.
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    Stock Ford OEM Titanium Exhaust FS (New GT 2017-2020)

    I have a brand new in the box stock Ford OEM Titanium exhaust for the new GT for sale. I believe a few of these were sold at a special forum discounted price of $3,400 just months ago. I am selling one that I have for $3,000. Please PM me with any questions
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    What are the 2 long air vent strips called?

    Let me know if you would like the billet vents I discount them for forum members. Shoot me a message if so Thank you Andy!
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    clamshell vents