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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    Please add me to the attendance list and may add Alicia later today. Kirk
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    Monterey Car Week

    Awesome pics, keep them coming.
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    Mike Mosing B'day

    Another happy B-day Mike. Enjoy the day with a drive in the NGT.
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Thanks for posting Chip our get together in Scottsdale AZ for premier of the Ford vs. Ferrari movie should be epic. I know of at least 20 05/06 GTs as well as some NGTs I will invite. As always thanks to Peter for arranging this get together and your involvement also Chip. Alicia and I will join...
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    K181 Delivery, July 17th!!!!!!!

    Might be another Rivera Blue. You know what they say Dave, being copied is the best form of flattery. Congrats on another great looking Carbon Series.
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    So For Those Who Have Bought GTs Recently

    Yes, qualified mechanics can be found by posting asking for other owners to see who they use.
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    If there are forum problems...

    Yes logged in and neither 3 dots or edit button present
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    If there are forum problems...

    When posting thread and wanting edit say a typo, do not have the 3 dots others have referred to for access to post editing?
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    2020 GT500 @ 760 Hp

    Yea Baby!
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    2020 Ford GT. 1969 Heritage Edition. Allocation.

    Another congrats and looking forward to seeing your NGT in person one day. Looks like that new trailer will be hauling a special car one day.
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    New owner... long search is over!

    Another congrats, it also took me 6 months to find my GT.
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    Edit Post Missing

    Nope, don't have the 3 dots shown
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    Edit Post Missing

    I cant seem to find edit icon for a post I have made with a typo?
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    2019 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Our new forum hero, Wynn/Keating team wins Ls Mans GTE AM!!!
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    All In The Family

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Always good to see original GT40 in person. Enjoy the nice weather as it was 112 F here yesterday.