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    C&C today

    Added link to professional photographer photos for get together last weekend.
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    C&C today

    Finally after a brutal summer our mornings are nice and can go to a C&C. See link & pics below:
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    High school senior photo shoot

    I want to see more photos of that wonderfully spec'd NGT in the sunlight.
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    Camilo Pardo "Cars and Coffee"

    GT Guy does GT work anywhere. Doing an air bag recall on the street! Hows that for convenience for the GT owner.
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    Bridgestone Potenza replacement tire size for 05/06 FGT

    I remember Discount also questioning my Bridgestone tire order but they fit fine. Consensus was to run them at 30 psig.
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    New Raptor V8?

    My 99 F150 is at 251,000 miles and was seriously considering new electric truck for a replacement. I may have to change direction if the new Raptor has 700+ Hp V8 !!!
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    Mecum Kissimmee Summer 2020 pix

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a pretty sparse crowd but probably more action from remote bidders.
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    2005 Midnight Blue / White Stripe GT for Sale

    That's a pretty clean PPI in my opinion. Everything listed on your PPI our common service items for our cars. He got cold feet and moved on.
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    Shelby CSX4000 for sale

    Good looking CSX Cobra and good luck with the sale Tim.
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    New Ford GC

    While I did not get selected for a New GT, did get a new to me Ford GC. I did not even know Ford had made golf carts back in 2002. It is called a Ford Think Neighbor. My better half purchased a vacation/investment home that came with a golf cart that I discovered had Ford badges on it. She was...
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    Sensational, what a change, two thumbs up(y)(y)
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    Definitely in the wrapper car!
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    New guy in FL searching for red or silver 05/06

    Congrats and also agree on the color choice. Always turn car on and wait to start car until dash odometer has lighted.
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    15th Anniversary Ford GT Celebration at Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Thanks for the pictures.(y)
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    New GT has arrived

    Great looking pair of machines. Making me even more jealous. FYI, I was born in Vancouver BC.