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    3rd gear issue

    I’m only aware of HCF Autosport ( making new replacements for these... I’ve installed a dozen of the synchro sets so far with excellent results. Ron
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    15th Anniversary Ford GT Celebration at Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Incredible pics!!! Lance, thanks again for having me. Ron
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    15th Anniversary Ford GT Celebration at Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Cool stickers! The indoor display is going to be awesome! Can't wait! Ron
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    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    That is not true at all. The Cobras were Superformance as well as two "Hero" GT40s. All of the other GT40s ( including the Miles car in the movie poster) were RCRs. As were the Ferraris , Astons & Jags . They provided 28 car to the movie . There are extensive pics on their website. Ron
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    Fiberglass rear bumper

    Here's a dyno video from when the car was first finished. Ron
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    Fiberglass rear bumper

    I know it's been a while but this engine is exactly what I ended up installing into my car. It ended up making 524 RWHP . I installed a Dailey Dry sump system and some oiling mods from the FP350S/GT4 program. With some help from H Smith ( Robertson Racing Ford GT Program) , I was able to make...
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    Acoustic artwork in my garage

    Beautiful! Ron
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    Shifting into 3rd gear

    I also have the ability to repair the Ricardo transaxle. It is most likely a shimming issue causing the problem. The trans does not need to be replaced. The repair ( while not cheap) will cost much less. Ron
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    clamshell vents

    Anyone interested in selling their original vents? Ron
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    Monterey Car Week

    There was a black Heritage in Carmel yesterday ( Tuesday) Looked AMAZING!! Ron
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    K193 Carbon Series arrives home.

    Excellent color combination! Congrats! Ron
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    Delivery day 2019 GT's. Great Day!

    Beautiful! That Umber paint looks amazing!! Ron
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    GT at summit point raceway

    Ran full course at VIR and Summit Point Main. Here's a few from Friday. Ron
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    GT at summit point raceway

    Here's a cool video of some drone footage taken a few weeks ago at VIR . There is a shot of the car at the 22sec mark. Also ,here is a link to the photographer's event page with tons of pics of it . Ron