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    2021 Graphics

    I was offered a Studio Collection and like the hourglass stripes. However I thought the $65,000 price for the stripes was more than a little excessive so I also passed.
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    Happy Birthday GTJOEY

    Joey, Nice day for a drive to the north fork. Enjoy your day.
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    Pricing in next 5 years?

    Bill, All American has four Ford dealerships here in the Garden State so that is likely how they got multiple cars.
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    2021 Graphics

    And if you want your mirror caps to match the Studio Collection stripe colour that is another $5,000.
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    Autoblog NGT review

    Positive review from Autoblog on the NGT. Something to take your mind off the depressing headlines.
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    Outcome of emergency egress

    I am currently in the midst of the ordering process for a 2021 but your ownership experience is making me feel a little nervous. An extended warranty would be nice to have on a purchase this large.
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    Next Generations at Ford Motor

    This is a great opportunity. IR is a good training ground for mid-level managers and in 20 plus years following companies as a Wall Street analyst I have seen many former IR managers reach the C-suite . IR gives them an independent view of how outsiders view the company which often results in a...
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    As an ex-Winnipegger I concur. Given its Canadian origin I asked if I could have a Canadian flag on the dash registration plate but the answer was no.
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    The GT's Back From Rich! THANKS!

    For XPEL I would recommend Eurotech Motorsports in Mahwah
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    The GT's Back From Rich! THANKS!

    I am on the other side of Route 17 from you. I ship the car out to Rich and then fly out and drive it back. Well worth the cost to have the car done right and always an enjoyable drive back whether it is the US or Canadian route.
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    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    Amazing that you borrowed another car and finished the race - not many others would have that level of competitive intensity. I hope you paid a bonus to your chassis builder
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    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    Eddie knows how to have driving fun even if the road is only 1/4 mile long. The attached picture is from the current National Dragster
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    That review was garbage. Surprise that it was in the National Post as they don't normally put this kind of left-wing spin on things, they leave that for the CBC and the Globe and Mail. As one commenter said in response the movie depicts a period in history that was indeed predominantly male...
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    Harry's Garage drives a 2005

    Bill, You need to rewatch Ford GT An American Icon. Chris Theodore mentioned that story in Episode 1 when he was interviewed by GT Joey. Its on Amazon Prime videos Don
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    Tommy Kendall draws the honor

    Tommy Kendall used to be the celebrity host instructor at the AMG Driving Academy. Great driver and very personable with lots of interesting race stories. Here is a video clip of him doing a lap of Laguna Seca in an SLS. It does share the DCT with the street version of the NGT...