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    4 Post Lifts

    I have had 3 Bendpaks and use Race Ramps all the time! Mark
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    Ford GT Bumper Delete

    Heffner!!!! Congrats! Mark
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    Destroyed car right after auction

    Ooch! Should buff right out! M
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    NEVER FORGET!!!!!!! Mark
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    New Member / Paul Walkers GT

    Outstanding! Best, Mark
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    What would you buy?

    Sorry, I know the difference, but it looks like every other Porsche. For the money, I will keep my Pantera (total reconstruction) and many other vehicles. Interesting discussion! Best, Mark
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    Engine seems to miss in higher RPM range, Any thoughts?

    Would recommend that you check with the person that wrote the tune. Please don't drive the car again until you get this resolved. Could hurt your motor! Best, Mark
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    Found an old muffler in storage: worth anything?

    Hang it on the wall! Best, Mark
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    Trading 05 GT for new Porsche 911 GT3RS Good idea ?

    Lol! Those cars are so sterile now. No soul! Hope you're well. Best, Mark
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    New garage digs for the FGT!

    LOL! All good!
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    NFGT with different power plant spotted around Dearborn

    Falconer V12!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So i checked out a car today and need members advices

    All depends on numbers and the PPI. Good luck. Best, Mark
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    Dino and that, no way I fit. I wish!!!!!!!!! Mark
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    Trading 05 GT for new Porsche 911 GT3RS Good idea ?

    Unless you really need a change, and don't have the cash, I would not do it. Learned the hard way, years ago, don't part with stuff you already own. Just my experience. Wish you the best on your decision. Mark