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    Price increase!

    Sorry, but that's just not right! Mark
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    Extended length tow hook

    I have one as well. Works great! Best, Mark
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    Happy BD RPM

    Hope you have a great day buddy! See you soon. Best, Mark
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    Ready to buy a GT. Help me find it! (Found it)

    Nice car. Congrats! Best, Mark
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    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations?

    I just used a carriage bolt and locked the stock ramps in the up position. I had the space at the rear of the lift. and don't hit my head on them anymore. Mark
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    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations?

    Absolutely go wide if you have the space. I use the Race Ramps along with the standard Bend Pac ramps. Works perfectly. Best, Mark
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    Sounds from the Flat Plane Crank CR8

    C8 looks and sounds cool in race trim! Thanks for posting. Best, Mark
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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    I will take a set F&R Thanks, Mark
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    Performance modifications

    Just call Jason Heffner! Mark
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    Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are terrible!

    Very funny Ford Gt owner!!!!!!!!
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    Picked up my 06 today

    Congrats! Best, Mark
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    WIDE body kit

    That's one example!
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    Shelby America movie

    Watched it yesterday as well. Thought it was good!