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    Which blue to pick?

    Kona Blue.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!
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    My interest peaked yesterday as my brothers raced in the Michelon race. Jeff finished 8th with Eric Foss and had the AMG GT4 up to 3rd at one point. Older brother Brent broke early but was able to fix a broken coil and finish the race. The Riley AMG dominated the race and AMG took 1st, 2nd and...
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    Ganassi Set to Forgo Daytona; Ends IMSA Program

    Really a bummer. No more GT, no more Ganassi. Who to pull for now? Porsche or Chevrolet...
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    FORD GT owners edition watch

    I had a issue with mine and Bradley was on top of it immediately. His response time to my email was within 5 minutes. I have not had any issues since and my watch is over a year and a half old. If you are into watches, get one to match your car.
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    Picked up my 06 today

    Always one of my favorite Red ones...sorry Frank...Congrats on a great purchase from a great guy...sorry again Frank.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Nothing better than planes and cars together.
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    Acoustic artwork in my garage

    Huh? What did you say??? Can't hear or understand you Peekul. Have to much noise in my head.
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    K250 is Alive and Well

    Congrats Chris. Get her back to Texas soon.
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    Acoustic artwork in my garage

    When you say acoustic, are the prints mounted on sound deadening boards or just normal framing?
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    Taking Delivery of K235!!

    Awesome! Now go drive that car!
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    Oh I’m liking this idea a lot!
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    K204 Arrives!!

    Congrats Elliot. What timing.
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    Thank you Dave! Great time at Rd Atlanta Petit Le Mans

    Another feather in your cap DBK. Thanks again for everything and thanks to those who came to make it as good a sendoff as it was.
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    Ford GTs at Petit Le Mans

    Hey, that's really cool. Thanks for picking up on that. Enjoyable weekend for sure.