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    What is KIT # written on body panel?

    And there you have it... I sure hope he can sleep tonight now that he has the answer.....
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    GT Research and Development

    As many of you know, we are always trying different things on the Ford GT at M2K Motorsports. We have been fighting this battle on how to get a better or bigger tire on the GT chassis. We have been working with a real good friend of mine Josh Scott with some great skills in engineering and...
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    Can’t reserve a Bronco...

    I reserved one as well... Ford through and through...
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    WTB: Carbon Fiber Side Scoop

    The problem is, there is just not a big enough market to do a production run of them. I actually purchased the molds of the double dins for the GT's from Kip and we did a few of them but with the cost of getting them going and the few folks that want them just don't make it possible to have...
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    Protection for Drivers Storage Compartment

    Agree, Carbon Series cars don't have that problem.....
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    Lowering Perches '05/'06 GT Another Production Run

    Everyone: We are about to make another run of the lowering perches we have been producing as of lately. Like the last ones, they will be anodized black with the design use of a spanner wrench for adjustments. I know several folks have reached out to Kevin at the shop at 281-346-8114 M2K...
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    Carbon Revolution Wheels

    We missed the mile event last weekend for sure. Seeing everyone and being around our car family left a blank in our hearts. During these difficult times, we knew it was for the best and cant wait till we all are out racing again. Thanks for the update I needed... Just made the changes...
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    Carbon Revolution Wheels

    Well sure Simon, when you don't drive your car, its hard to get the wheels dirty... so no need to ceramic coat them... LOL Mark H.
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    Those who have gone Twin Turbo...

    At the end of the day, there is one shop that has done more MoTec stuff for the GT along with twin turbos. M2K has developed a “plug n play” system for the GT using the MoTec and if you want to make the power you mentioned why try and reinvent the mouse trap.. call Kevin at the shop and go...
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    For Sale JimGlo Elite - 24' Enclosed Trailer, 2013

    The owner of the JimGlo is a good friend of mine. He has always had a big car collection of several varieties. I don't believe he has any Ford GT's right now and didn't get selected for a new one. I can promise you, all his stuff is right and always very well maintained. If anything I can...
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    Price increase!

    Tomy: Kevin said line them up over at the Shop and he will for sure get them knocked out for a better price.... Just kidding, guess its the price of doing business on a supercar... Mark H.
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    The Return

    Wow, a lot of work no doubt but everyone is excited.. Count me in as well with 2. Thanks for getting all this together and if you need any help I am willing to do what I can. Thanks, Mark H.
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    Lowering Perches

    We have been making them as well for a while so if anyone needs them please call Kevin at M2K Motorsports or send me a message. Thanks Mark H.
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    clear bra

    Agree, I did entire car with multiple layers in certain areas and complete underside.. Removed all belly pans and had them done as well....
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    NFGT Boost

    So I guess what your saying is, it wont hold the 52lbs my 2006 GT has run before.... Agree, with Dave, probably smart to leave it where it is.