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    2021 Studio Collection Delivery Day!

    Can't add much over what has already been said except WOW!!!!!
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    Mose Nowland Tribute Video

    Thank you for sharing.
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    It is difficult for me to say one car is the MOST beautiful. But easier to share my top 5: Jag Type E, AC Cobra 427, Ford GT (any of them!), Ferrari Enzo, and McClaren F1. Hmmmm, still left out many beautiful cars (Daytona coupe, Viper, Pantera, etc.... I guess that is why we enjoy collecting them!
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    Any advantage to ethanol free gas?

    I have heard this debate several times before and like politics people often have a mindset and defend it vigorously. For me, I use 93 octane in my 2005 and have no issue using gas with ethanol. Arguments against ethanol are usually that you do not get as good gas mileage and it is hard on...
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    Got it! Now I need to upgrade the stock floormats. Any ideas?

    I also purchased floormats from Andrew at ExoticCar for my 2005 and am very pleased. They have Ford GT embossed in the color stitching I requested.
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    Double Trouble

    Now that is double cool! It is helpful to see the differences between the Mk and the NFGT. Both are awesome vehicles!
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    The wait is over…m119

    Awesome car and family - indeed you are fortunate!
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    Liquid Carbon delivery!

    Truly a beautiful car from the photos, can only imagine how great it looks in person! Enjoy!!!
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    End of the world - it‘s happening now

    The body of a GT40 will always be cool, but an electric powertrain??? Not so much...
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    Tesla Roadster

    Exactly! Now if we can just keep them from catching fire and burning!
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    Tesla Roadster

    Yes, much of the toxic emissions were wrung out (catalytic converters and cleaner gasoline), unfortunately CO2 hasn't been addressed. I always wondered why the government or universities or energy companies have not offered a monetary prize for someone to invent a practical way to remove CO2 and...
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    Replacing brake pads

    Holy cow! Can I ask why you really have it that disassembled?
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    ‘21 Frozen White Arrival!!

    Beautiful car - it has to be thrilling having it delivered after all the decision making leading up to it!!!!! Enjoy!
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    Tesla Roadster

    Glad to hear I am not the only one thinking this way. I am a bit older, but am having trouble getting any excitement with the electric cars. To read the trends, we may not have a choice in the not to distant future --- that will be a sad day!
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    Jeep - Gorilla Glass Application

    Wonder if it holds up better during racing?