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    Hagery Magazine article

    Colin is quite full of himself.
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    Check out my new hobby - Rock´n´Roll invite

    Hate to be a downer but I spent most of my adult life before law school playing in bands professionaly in clubs and venues across the Us. Unless Copenhagen is far different run don’t walk away from this. It’s a ridiculously hard biz even without a worldwide pandemic. My friends some of whom...
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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Damn, just this morning I was thinking no one I knew on my many car forums had any issues . Now this. Glad you are better. Thanks
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    Backyard Buddy 4 post lift recommendations?

    I have 2 Rotarys. They have been great.
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    Every good 60s video had copious amounts of bongos—very hip.
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Had on my M6–very hi quality.
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    I’m a Chevy guy

    Arrived at midnight in pouring rain. Yes, rear end remains unattractive (Vette and mine). Creature comforts great. Paint-well, Chevy. But if you can find a car with this performance anywhere in the world but it. (Iacocca?)
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    I’m a Chevy guy

    Lol. Every gen of Vette I tend to buy the first year and usually keep it a year. Here is my car sitting at Kerbeck. Nothing special—a 2LT without many options.
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    50 Years of Racing Celebration Banner

    he’s still holding it. We decided not to hang it.
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    50 Years of Racing Celebration Banner

    To give some perspective of size my oldest boy is 6’7” holding the banner.
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    Price increase!

    Plus 2 on using Motorcraft
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    18 Mile 2017 Heritage Edition For Sale

    One of the many problems with the wimpy new breed of drivers. Some old school NASCAR I know some still have their 05s -06s. May be reflective of today’s driver salaries
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    2006 Red Ford GT

    Seems low
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    clear bra

    Easy—new FGT—everything and 2 strips over the driver sills where your feet may drag.
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    RIP John Andretti

    to be more specific at a minimum start at age 50, if a family history maybe before. If at 50 no polyps every 10 years, ifminor polyps every 5years.