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    Most miles on a NFGT

    So the NFGT has a pls Jeff.
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    Most miles on a NFGT

    I’m seeing some 5000 to 6000 plus. Any sniffing 10,000?
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    Ford GT Owners Watch

    I missed it-where available ?
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    Car blower/dryer

    Been using the Metro Master blasters for years. Work great and huge power. A bit pricey. Anything STIHL is great but I am partial--been representing them 3 years. My only worry with leaf blowers is accidentally hitting the surface.
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    Today’s lesson— your car is wide and why clear film is not an option

    2018. And mirror is fine Xpel did its job.
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    Today’s lesson— your car is wide and why clear film is not an option

    In my last lesson, you may recall I warned against shutting the rear glass hatch by putting your hands anywhere but over the clasp. I had my hand too far north of it and watched my rear glass shatter in a million pieces . Pretty exciting, but I don’t recommend it. Today, it is a reminder that...
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    Ceramic Coating

    There are many ceramic coatings. My guy shows up with a different one every time
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    Ceramic Coating

    BTW, $2000 is nuts
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    Ceramic Coating

    Definitely worth doing. If you don’t the car has a rough feel with just the film. With coating it is slicker and much easier to wash.
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    Magnetic battery charger

    It’s on the 488 and should be on all cars.
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    Getting a Pista this week...

    Great buy. My 488 is one of the best cars I’ve owned. I’d love a Pista if I could find one.
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    Anyone here buying a C8?

    Maybe I was lucky but had C5, C6 and C7–zero issues.
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    First Legal New Ford GT For Sale?

    Says sale pending