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    2018 GT For Sale

    Thanks, forgot to add never been exposed to rain or Governor Northam
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    2018 GT For Sale

    The absolute pinnacle of my car buying history was being lucky enough to be chosen for a NFGT. I have had it 2 plus years which has nicely timed to my coming retirement. The car has 1850 miles and service is up to date by Sheehy Ford of Maryland. (Courtney). The car is silver with lightening...
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    Love it? Drive it!

    A local dealer got a GT. Put it in his showroom -built a large metal guard around it and it sits. I don’t why but it annoys me.
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    Just replaced my wife’s Audi Q8 for 21 RS Q8

    So last year I bought my wife a 20 Q8 Prestiage. After she kept bugging me about lack of HP (anyone buying this so far?) I spent the last 3 weeks searching for an RS. Finally found one in port not preordered and bought it. At almost 600 HP I guess it’s the baby Urus. Haven’t driven it much, but...
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    Coolant leak, GT tech and Milliken

    a puddle at left rear
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    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    Kenny is a good guy. I remember when he wanted to include drag racers in IROC events. My buddy , Ricky Rudd was driving for him in the Cup series and agreed to show him the ropes. Kenny followed RR around the track as Ricky increased speed . Ricky looked in the mirror and Kenny was in the wall...
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    Coolant leak, GT tech and Milliken

    As previously posted, I had a coolant leak at the left rear of my 18–pretty heavy leak so be mindful. Milliken’s tech basically called it by my description—hose, etc. My tech, Courtney from Sheehy Ford worked with the Milliken tech and long story short the car is back. Anyone in the mid Atlantic...
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    Car wash advice

    agree . It’s also warm air.
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    2018–Coolant leak

    His name is Courtney—good guy .
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    2018–Coolant leak

    It has not gone yet. My nearest NGT tech is in Gaithersburg Md—Sheehy Ford
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    2018–Coolant leak

    Here is the puddle. Dark part. Thoughts? Thanks
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    2018–Coolant leak

    It is left rear—puddle on floor. Thanks
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    2018–Coolant leak

    Anyone else had a coolant leak on a NGT? If so, cause? Thanks
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    Akrapovic exhaust turning blue?

    Not a bad look
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    Hagery Magazine article

    Colin is quite full of himself.