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    Reaction to Pista vs NFGT

    So I’ve been traveling a lot and decided to go to a couple of car shows. Why not—its 110 degrees on asphalt parking lots. First I travel 65 miles to Mr Jefferson’s (can I even say that anymore?) Charlottesville campus in the Pista, a car I may love more than life itself. It got scant attention...
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    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    Hate the rear, exhaust tips, cheap wheels and looking forward to getting mine from a Kerbeck soon.😎
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    I haven’t come close.
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    As always, thanks for your honesty . That’s funny because the Lambo version is day and night from stock. But I guess it was to Ford’s specs.
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    How does it sound? I have one on Aventador which sounds nice.
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    Passing of Lee Iacocca

    Lutz went to Lee and asked for $50M to build the Viper. Lee complied and gave him a ridiculous 18 months to do so. He did it. VIN 00001 went to Lee. Lutz got 00002. I bought 00002 from Lutz 10 years ago. BTW, Lee couldn’t really drive a stick.
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    Hagerty Renders an Opinion on Values

    They must not have access to eBay.
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    So For Those Who Have Bought GTs Recently

    I think 05-06 GTs and Dodge Vipers are the best and maybe a dying breed of low maintenance sports cars . I’ve had multiple of each, and they have been virtually bullet proof.
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    Anyone else out there into boats?

    I’m into fishing and have a 28 foot Grady White that sadly I bought new 3 years ago and has less than 100 hours thanks to VW. LOMG STORY
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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    Mine were done a while back and I continued getting notices. I called the number several weeks ago and told them the bags were replaced. Was put on hold and then they confirmed the fix. I still get notices —as late as yesterday. A minor annoyance.
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    2019 24 Hours of Le Mans

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    2019 24 Hours of Le Mans

    I’m hip to it
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    Another Pista owner

    Thanks, all.
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    Another Pista owner

    The car arrived today. Traded my 488 for it. Not much to tell after 10 miles , but it sure seems like fun. Not to pander to the group but as good as I think it looks the overall design can’t compete with the NGT .