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    Happy Birthday 07XL0027 !!

    Now I get it. Happy 27th!
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    2018 Mosport

    Westy! Great team win! They gotta sort out that leaderboard, bout had a stroke.
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    Custom Ford GT Livery

    Whilst searching for good photos of the 60s Le Mans GT40s I ran across some renderings from Marco van Overbeeke. He offers a coffee table book of them. Unfortuately with currency exchange, VAT, and shipping the landscape version comes out to ~$500 USD. Too spendy for me. Anywho... here's the...
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    The story of my 2017 NFGT #126 one of the very first delivered in Europe...

    Didn't want it to end. Awesome!!
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    GT Rendering Tool

    Didn't get the heritage so it's time to get serious about a color scheme. Is photoshop the preferred tool to evaluate colors as accurately as possible before generating an actual sample? Can you enter a paint code, or ???? Can it add stripes, roundels, etc.? Thanks! :thumbsup
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    The story of my 2017 NFGT #126 one of the very first delivered in Europe...

    I'm guessing folks look at that 'like a cow lookin at a new gate'. Awesome!
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    4th year app?

    Great point. Both my vids were 1 min. Adhere to the basic requirements they set.
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    4th year app?

    Shot mine with my wife holding a cell phone in a parking lot (3rd yr). Pretty sure it doesn't matter.
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    How come I don't see FGTs anymore on the street?

    I see a GT frequently on the street, even on weekdays. Mine, in store front windows. :biggrin
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    2019 heritage

    Perhaps said in jest but I really was looking forward to having the choice made for me, a no-brainer scheme. They are absolutely killing it with the series options. Now what am I going to do? Guess I'll go back to Riviera blue. :wink Are they going to introduce it at Le Mans? Yes...
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    Anybody here with a '19 ZR1 ?

    In Leno's vid they say all the holes and scoops are functional, which is something I guess. Also, north of 200 mph for 40-50 miles in a stock Vette? Not too shabby.
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    Extended Color Palette

    I've decided to have my house painted riviera blue, so it will match my NGT.