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    EV cars, is the future there ? Porsche rocks the Ring with the Taycan

    I think Tesla will have the "Smart" portion locked up with updates and support - plus the scary part of this thing is going to be the INSANE deprecation curve!
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    A couple pics from the Quail (GT Mark II)...

    Saw this there! Incredible! and I thought the crowd was going to string up the auctioneer! there was a ton of boos!
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    Car lift

    American Lift also seems to have some great stuff
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    2017 Shelby 350R For Sale

    When i was trying to buy this before they were released dealers wouldnt talk to you unless you were ready to pony up 20-30k over sticker
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    FS: 2019 911 GT3 RS

    Drove a 2RS at track - very docile and the carbon seats area great fit!
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    Jessi Combs, Rapid City, Deceased

    Terrible to hear... we forget how dangerous the sport can be
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    05/06 Ford GT Seats for sale...

    Would have made cool office chairs!
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    New F car SF90

    Agreed on the looks part - I'm excited they finally changed something on the interior
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    approved allocation NFGT 2022

    What do you think the main thing they are looking for besides the "I'm going to drive it and give Ford the proper exposure for the car"? I have a decent collection as as well as a 429 and a GT500 of old - think they care?
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    approved allocation NFGT 2022

    Guilty as well!
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    approved allocation NFGT 2022

    Do they still take apps?
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    2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition # 9

    Those heritage colors always get me!