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    Set of Forgeline center bolt wheels with adaptors for your GT for sale!!!

    Set of Forgeline Galmer Custom Center Lock center bolt wheels with adaptors for sale!!!! $3,000 each , $12,00 for the set of 4!!! Like New!!! 12.5 x 20 Rear 9.5 x 19 Fronts Questions? Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
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    Set of Asanti Wheels for you GT For Sale

    Low Miles like new set of Asanti Wheels these are 3 Piece wheels that come with Black Finished spokes and machined lips (lip clear coated) Tires are NITTO INVO 225/45ZR19 Fronts 315/35ZR20 Rear $3,000 For the set Questions? Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
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    Set of seats for sale.

    Set of seats for sale. Out of a very low mileage vehicle. seats look brand new and show no signs of wear. $7,995 for the set Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
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    Hoosier Tires up for grabs

    Hoosiers FOR SALE!!! $700 Quantity 6 Tires total. All Tires in good shape with no holes or patches and minimal miles. 4 - 245/40/18 2 - 315/30/19 Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
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    3.4 Whipple Supercharger FOR SALE!!!!!

    We have one black and one polished Whipple Supercharger for sale. Buyer choses the finish they want. Comes with programer and belt. $5900 Feel free to message or call me for more information 870-351-7008 (Eric Barnes)
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    GTX1 Wheels and Tires For Sale!!!!

    Set of GTX1 Wheels and Tires: 3 piece (20inch Rear 19inch Front) Pirelli PZero 355/30ZR20 -Rear 265/35ZR19 -Front Like new with very few miles. These are the latest version of the GTX1 wheels, which corrected previous problems. $9,500
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    1965 Shelby Cobra FOR SALE!!

    A 1965 Gentry Motor Works Shelby Cobra just landed at Elite Autos. With only 75 miles on it, its in immaculate condition.
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    Rally VII Photos

    I am partial to these :)
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    Great mod!!!! If it ever needs any service or tweaking send it our way ;)
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    Nice tribute

    I just read that the bike is for sale now.
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    Nice tribute

    The bike was built by Marcus Walz. He is a custom bike builder for Germany, with a shop in Miami his website is If there is a way to buy that pint it would be on that site or they would know how to get it. and I am with Shelby on the wheels.
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    Nice tribute

    For those that like bikes.
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    Happy Birthday shelbyelite !!!

    For your birth day I'm giving us all the day off! Enjoy!!!
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    Inglourious Basterds

    did any of you watch the original movie