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    C&C today

    'Held at Pima and Thompson Peak?
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    Does this make my rear end look wide?

    Uuuuuh...that's not where it's intended to be worn... ;-)
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    New pickup trucks

    Other than increasing the wheelbase a tad on any given pickup truck (or shortening its cargo bed) so that an "anteater-style nose" can be installed, I'll be darned if I can see how any pickup truck can have anything BUT a more-or-less 'flat' nose. The left and right CORNERS of the front fascia...
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    Get your collectors Ford Gt COVID 19 mask!

    For me, C-19 masks will go the way of the full body cast I had to wear after I "crashed and burned" back in 2000. 'Never want to see 'em again! Stay well, Joey. ;-)
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    'Probably goes w/o saying, but, unless there's documentation showing it's already been properly done (and even if there is), is it safe to assume making sure the 1/2 shaft bolts were replaced at some point in the past is on the 'to do' list somewhere?
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    Backyard Buddy 4 post lift recommendations?

    "Civil Reserve Air Fleet", I think...but, don't quote me. ;-)
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    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    Builders these days must assume everyone drives cars no bigger than a BMW Mini or the like. At best, all the new homes advertised as having "double car garages" that I've seen for at least a couple of decades now have actually had one-and-a-half car garages. Park a 21" rotary lawnmower beside...
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    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    "It would be the most expensive car in my small stable so don't want to be disappointed." You won't be if you buy a "no stories" car. Be sure to get a through PPI done BY A FORD GT EXPERT before you plunk down a dime. It could save you thousands of dollars down the road. (I bought mine w/o...
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    Car theft way up

    If the P.D. isn't pursuing the matter, do their work for them by posting the video footage on social media. Somebody ought to recognize the perp and you can take it from there. (Of course, there's probably some goofy law prohibiting you from doing, you might want to look into that...
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    Looking for Iconic GT.

    ...and I was obviously referring to a diamond!
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    Superformance Daytona coupe

    You might try "" as well... (Edit: Assuming you might be seeking used parts.)
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    The Mrs and I watched it here at home about a week(?) ago. Much to my surprise, SHE loved it! I was truly stunned by that! She's not a fan of car/race-centered flicks... (An aside: For a whole host of reasons, Ken Miles should not have slowed down. Period. [JMPO. OMV.] )
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    front turn signal do not work

    If a heat gun didn't work, try a heat lamp. It's been my experience they'll work when 'guns don't. ;-)
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    Looking for Iconic GT.

    How many carats?! Cut? Clarity? Color? 😎
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    27 LITRES....

    He probably just had a 'there' vs. 'their' moment. I'm plagued with 'em... ;-)