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    Cars and Coffee Virtual (Indianapolis Edition - Round 2)

    Hope all of you are safe and healthy and our thoughts are with those that are dealing with this pandemic in so many different ways. For those with a Facebook account we are doing this again on Saturday, April 25th. This one is a bit different as my agency and a few other sponsors are going to...
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    Virtual Cars and Coffee (Indianapolis Edition)

    Hey all - if interested come on over to this Facebook event and post up any one of your cars you would have taken to your Cars and Coffee today!
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    05 vs 06

    PM Sent
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    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    Per my contact at Hagerty USA, the clause you reference is mandated language by Ontario Province for pleasure use policies. If they do not use that language than the province interprets that Hagerty Canada can then accept drivers for regular auto insurance which as we all know they are not setup...
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    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    This may only be specific for Canadian Hagerty Policies. I have an email into my contact at Hagerty USA to clarify.
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    Track Insurance

    All, Over the last week or so I have looked into this in-depth as has Mr Sims. Here is some info BELOW from the founder of theOpenTrack on his program offering. It is possible that when Ernie quoted with them he may have been looking at the liability which they do offer $1mill and $2mill...
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    Track Insurance

    Gentleman, let me get some clarity on some things with OpenTrack and I am talking with another broker that does Track specific to see what other options might be. Will post something soon after I have some answers.
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    Gulf Heritage DieCast

    No doubt a lot of us have die-cast addictions!
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    Gulf Heritage DieCast Get it while it lasts!
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    Thanks Ed - you can give him my email as well (

    Thanks Ed - you can give him my email as well (
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    NGT Insurance Interesting Math

    Given the recent sales our carrier is open to valuation on the new gen GT. It is all a function of what you are wanting to pay vs risk you are willing to take. In my experience most people want to cover their investment or a tad more given premium is dictated by the valuation. I would say the...
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    NGT Insurance Interesting Math

    All - Let me dispel a few things given my knowledge of how the AIG program works, whether if with BJ/Bridgepoint, etc. They do not offer standalone collector car policies with AIG. The only way you will get the collector cars or collection insured is if you have your home(s) qualify for their...
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    Ford GT Heritage Photoshoot

    NOTE - THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED IN THE 2017+ GT THREAD; however, this is for charity so wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to see it. So this has been posted on the forum before as far as the time lapse video of the day. However, here is the behind the scenes story. Every August...