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    DMC-12 Back in production.

    those cars were so so so bad, why waste time, let the past be the past!!!!
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    Comparing Cars With Different Number of Miles

    the best thing about low mile cars is the lack of road exposure, (seat time wear on the interior and delicate floor padding, paint chips, tire wear, undercarriage exposure, element damage) the worst thing is that sitting is bad for a car (flat spotted tires, oil leaks to name two)
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    Don't Try This In a Ford GT

    what a hero for taking the chance and just doing it. It was such a pleasant drive for me a couple of years ago driving across Germany on the autobahn Being able to travel at the speed at which one feels most comfortable is a relaxing joy. Of course here in the USA we have to deal with crap...
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    I was actually a bit disappointed after reading the book "go like hell" the story was too embellished, the acting mediocre, and although the racing scenes were really good, the actors were only characatures of the actual people involved so much so that I was laughing at Henry Ford, Lee Iacoccoa...
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    Brought tears to my eyes,

    I would definitely try to convince the insurance company to fix it, even if you decide NOT to fix it and just pocket the money. The damaged car is worth MUCH More with a clean title rather than a salvage one
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    Brought tears to my eyes,

    Crap! So sorry, but at least the cars are safe for their occupants. So many of these cars got totaled early on as the drivers did not realize how much power they had, took them out on cold tires and cold roads, gave them a bit of throttle and right around they went. I am on pins and needles...
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    Superformance cars used in Ford v Ferrari movie

    Chuck Beck said he supplied two of his 904 replicas for the movie as well
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    Airbag house call.

    they sent guys to my house too, they had to do it twice as the first time they overtightened hardware and got the facia out of alignment, the one guy was so heavy I cringed when he lay on my passenger seat!
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    sorry I missed it they year was down at our 50th anniversary display at PCNA. We have the seven 914s there
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    Mclaren is intent on claiming the GT as there new model.

    doesn't do a thing for me
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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    Yes I think so just watch the team not the usual one would think to work on a gt they do all of the fords in the area so the gt for them is very special.
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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    the one guy was very heavy and I was worried when he was lying on my pass seat! Certainly not the team I expected, they were doing all of the different Fords, not just the GTs. They younger guy said at the end : you made my day letting me work on your car!"