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    Ready to Buy a GT - higher mileage – 05-06

    my Dad was a Buick man all of his life and I still have his 64 Riviera we bought new when I was 12 years old. Sits right next to my GT in the upper garage
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    An Oldie but a goody.

    those were the days. I lusted after this car when I was 14 and they of course won Leman.
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    Serious Damaged GT on IAAI asking 165K

    seems that that is the main problem with the 05-06 GTs impossibility of easily sourcing parts. FOOLISHLY when I purchased mine from the dealer in south western Virginia, It was about the same price as Porsche Turbo, so I thought here is a good driver I can have fun with and keep for awhile and...
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    changing the battery

    my replacement was identical to the original one. A bit of searching for the bolt hole but really no problem what so ever
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    Super Cool 1966 Ford GT/Ken Miles Memorabilia

    he died too young rip ken
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    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    I second that emotion wholeheartedly! Guy said the same thing, never worked on a Ford GT before and the guys looked like Pinto repairmen
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    April Fool’s Day Prank

    well Jeff put that guy in his place!!!!
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    pretty ugly in my opinion, but on the other hand look at what WE look at every day!!!!!!!
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    changing the battery

    no but the interior light was on the whole time, and everything works perfectly and nothing has changed, and the battery never ran flat dead, so think that I am ok. I plugged in the small battery into the lighter before disconnecting the main battery
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    changing the battery

    so battery replacement went very easily. Bought the Optima Redtop 25 at oreilly's auto parts for 91 bucks, had it in stock, put heavy blankets over the fenders, carefully removed the trunk lining, plugged in my 12 volt power source into the cigar lighter, removed the negative cable first, then...
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    changing the battery

    yes exactly
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    changing the battery

    I was thinking about plugging in the 9v that we use for our porsches to maintain some voltage before changing, rather than the Ford battery maintainer I had been using to keep the battery up. Is that good?
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    changing the battery

    well after 16 years my optima 25 finally failed. I looked through the threads but did not see anything about maintaining the control unit memory while replacing. Do I need to plug a battery into the cigar lighter to maintain while changing?
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    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    I originally bought mine to drive, and ran up 10 thousand miles in no time. What happened, besides the doors, lack of luggage space, impossibility to park, lack of vision/not being able to see the four corners, wideness/ size of the car, is that the replacement parts evaporated and the cars...
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    DMC-12 Back in production.

    those cars were so so so bad, why waste time, let the past be the past!!!!