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    SteveA received J104 today.....

    That’s terrific, especially the champagne. BTW, I never noticed the 67 stripe on the NFGT started before the wheel well. Looks great.
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    Chris Svensson

    What a great gesture.
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    The same 2017 Ford GT going up for sale again

    Jalopnik too:
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    The same 2017 Ford GT going up for sale again

    Jalopnik too:
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    2018 FGT Heritage Edition is so Beautiful..

    Very nice. Profile kinda ‘69 Boss 302, no?
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    The Day Has Finally Arrived

    All right, those back to back pix are pretty lethal. 99% of the world hasn’t seen one GT and you have 2 in your driveway. I don’t think I’ve seen a NFGT color scheme that isn’t stunning!
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    Sergio Marchionne has died

    FCA former CEO, who just stepped down last weekend, has died.
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    Electric cars and the impact on the environment Cash burn?
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    Pictures from 1966 Ford GT40 Assembly Operations or Pics of Original GT40 Street Car?

    According to Ronnie Spain, 1062 was a Mk I street car/289 w Webers, that was fitted with Mk II tail sections. It was also owned at one time by Harley Cluxton who may have records of the car. Also, Gelscoe in the UK (who are contracted by Cluxton to build GT40 Mirage replicas) build phenomenal...
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    Another wrecked 720S, in Great Falls, Virginia

    Pete: I saw the pix of the accident. How fast did the authorities think he was traveling before the crash? From the looks of the Mac, he must’ve been hauling. Lucky he wasn’t hurt worse.
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    2018 M5 very quick

    Royal Guardsman, Snoopy vs the Red Baron! Haven’t heard that in decades!
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    GT Service in Northern Illinois

    I’d call Wickstrom in Barrington. They have a Heritage so they might have service facilities. I used to use Westfield in LaGrange as they were an SVT service dealer, but I think that ownership changed, and the last time I was there I wasn’t impressed.
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    That’s a great color. If the new Aviator looks as good as the images I’ve seen, they’ll sell a ton of them too.
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    Go Like Hell

    “I just cannot picture Matt Damon playing Shelby. I hope they find someone else. andy (ajb) How about Matthew McConaughey? Also a fellow Texan, so there's that.“ :agree:
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    Cena Settles With Ford

    So silly. Don’t know what motivated him.