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    Another Wing Paint Damage Issue

    a clean black car is hard to beat! Looks amazing.
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    2021 Graphics

    Surely, you cant be serious?
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    2021 Graphics

    Wow, the white with blue hourglass looks ridiculously good. #magnum
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    Please tell me red seats will be available for the non-heritage cars. Such a stunning spec, this one. All the details just really hit the spot. Great job to all those involved! Wish I got one, but very happy for those that did, incredible car!
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    Absolutely love it!
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    D-Day L070

    very cool!
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    Heffner NGT exhaust for sale

    Pm sent. Interested.
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    carbon weave showing through paint

    For reference, also happens on Carrera GT’s and early F40’s, which are more desirable then the glassy f40’s.
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    Shmee...does it all.

    Love the mountain roads after Micky D's, envious of that drive. Great content, Schmee!
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    Why do this?

    Not for my tastes, but after watching schmee’s video you have to admire the craftsmanship they put into every inch. Love the color.
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    Onboard GT mk II at Laguna Seca

    Man I can’t wait to join the club! Great stuff!
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    50 shades of red...

    Thank you Eddie, there’s a good chance I’ll take you up on that!
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    50 shades of red...

    Thanks for the pics and suggestions. LMF, I had considered a liquid mkIV, still may. But, Im leaning flat for now. Paint samples race red, mkIV, and liquid red on the way. Keep em coming!
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    50 shades of red...

    Im starting to spec my MKII, and being a red fanatic, I was thinking of a MKIV tribute livery, somewhat similar to the MKIV heritage but slightly different. MM is suggesting race red, which I think may be the 18 heritage color, but is that the same as MKIV red on the 05-06? Or are they very...
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    Nice to meet ya, Doug! Look forward to meeting in person someday. Unfortunately, I was looking for another color. GLWS!