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    Just stumbled across this Mach-E video... pretty amazing.

    interesting stuff. No denying the unbelievable performance potential of electric vehicles.
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    Sweet GT loves 100 Octane Racing fuel

    You definitely shouldn’t run fuel with ANY amount of lead in it, unless you want to destroy your O2 sensors, followed by your cats, followed by your engine. I understand the desire to see if there are a few more ponies available with a bump in fuel octane, but unless you have been running...
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    Grabber Blue

    It's only guaranteed to be a "one of one" color if you pay the extra $$$ to color lock it, as I'm sure you know. But I completely agree with you. Look what DBK went through. For what Ford charges for a custom color, the "color lock" should be included in that price. JMO..
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    Onboard GT mk II at Laguna Seca

    Nice! Did you request to convert your NFGT allocation to a MkII allocation, or are you still getting a “street” NFGT?
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    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    I love a good dog-rescue story. What the hell is the matter with some people? Good job, Chip!
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    GT Availability

    That is good to hear!
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    My new (to me) 2006 Ford GT Heritage

    Yes, welcome! I tried to alert the powers that be to your attempts to register, but was greeted by the sound of crickets. Awesome car with a cool history! Love your others, too. 😎
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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Wow, Andy! So glad to be reading this AFTER the fact. COVID19 is not to be shrugged off. Things have recently started to get interesting here in Sioux Falls, SD where we won the dubious distinction last week of being the top “hot spot” in the country. Oh, and happy birthday!
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    Merkury Tip

    Looks stellar, as all of your signature cars do. Congratulations to the lucky new owner. Hopefully he will introduce himself/herself soon.
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    K020 gets new chariot

    Very nice, all. I just received the 2020 F350 I ordered last fall for hauling my chit around, and so far I am VERY impressed with the quality, ride, amenities, and POWER. 1050 lb-ft of torque! Time will tell if the 10-speed auto is a winner or not, but so far I have no gripes. Traded in my Ram...
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    Back to South Dakota

    Glad that Leadfoot Transport worked out for you as well as they worked out for me. I got their name from Sanjay Mehta, and won’t hesitate to call upon them again. Welcome back to SD, too! What a crazy time in history. You and Lynn stay healthy.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Lee, you’re a joy to have among us. Awesome follow up video! My best wishes to you and your girls during this bizarre time. Thanks for the entertainment.
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    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    And yours truly bought the red 2006 car from Shelby in Dec 2012 😀
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    Got The Call

    Congratulations- looks great!
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    D-Day L070

    Looks stellar, Kevin- congratulations! I love how your new baby's Ford siblings were present to greet her (him?)