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    Any aftermarket exhaust options?

    Ha! I like how you follow...NOBODY! :LOL:
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    K147 home...

    Congrats, and beautiful GT. Like others, I spent as much time taking in the view of your Boss9. Very nice!
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    Moving sale, lots of misc Ford GT parts

    Darn- those are the same items I am interested in. If things don't work out, I am very interested, too!
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    Good luck cleaning these.....

    When it comes to wheels, my taste normally runs to the conservative side, but I kind of dig these. That photo- wow, that's a hot car!
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    Mr. Pagani has good taste

    Zak Brown, the executive director of McLaren Technology group (and McLaren F1 team principal) also has one, or is getting one. These are people with discerning taste, that know something special when they see it.
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    Anyone Tracked NFGT at Laguna Seca?

    Boy, I would sure imagine so... can’t imagine there wouldn’t be some scraping going on in the corkscrew.
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    Camilo Additions

    I'll never forget seeing Merkury 4 at Camilo's party during Rally X. One of my favorite GT's of all time! Stunning.
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    K104 on the way......

    Color-coordinated balloon markers. Nice touch! Nice pad, too- stunning layout.
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    K104 on the way......

    That is some car! What a surreal day this must have been for you. Very happy for you!
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    Didn’t Stormcat or Soroush or someone say that changing the oil on the NFGTs is even easier than on our old ones? I’m most likely going to just do it myself...not to save money (which I’m not opposed to), but just to be sure the job is done with painstaking care. That will free up a few $ to...
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    K104 on the way......

    Very excited for you! Can't wait until you update us all with photos!
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    K107 delivery!

    Beautiful! Congratulations. I spy a '70 Charger in the background... FK5 dark burnt orange, I would guess!
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    Belt harnesses for new GT

    Sounds like a great option. Really appreciate the effort from you, BigInch, and Stormcat! Thank you.
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    NFGT "paint to sample" blues.....

    I'm not a "blue" guy, but I too have thought about Sonic Blue, and also thought about Guardsman Blue. I can say this publically, because I know I'm not going that direction.. but thought they would be cool ideas for somebody into blue...