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    Belt harnesses for new GT

    Sounds like a great option. Really appreciate the effort from you, BigInch, and Stormcat! Thank you.
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    NFGT "paint to sample" blues.....

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    NFGT "paint to sample" blues.....

    I'm not a "blue" guy, but I too have thought about Sonic Blue, and also thought about Guardsman Blue. I can say this publically, because I know I'm not going that direction.. but thought they would be cool ideas for somebody into blue...
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    Thank you, Dans. I know somebody else from SD going through Morrie's soon, so I may see how he fares. Sounds like a couple of good options!
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    Thanks, Mitchell- PM incoming
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    This topic has been my chief concern, since receiving the joyful news about receiving an allocation. Here in Sioux Falls, there is nobody I trust to do the job (which is essential to enjoy driving this car). The local guys here in Sioux Falls are barely adequate to PPF my Demon, McLaren, etc...
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    Can you at least divulge the weight of Helenor? 😁
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    Best NFGT versions/color combos.

    Curious about the "color lock" on BAT's awesome Epic Orange NFGT. Why is that color not available to others, if Riviera Blue and Golden Yellow Metallic were able to be selected by more than one owner? Personally, I think that ANY custom color should be "color locked" so that each owner that...
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    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Nice photo! I'm following him now, too.
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    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    Spectacular, Eddie. Congratulations!
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    92 ON 29th!!

    Congratulations, beautiful GT! And your garage is very attractive, too!
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    NFGT Photo album

    Come on now, Dave- we're a bit behind you guys with this excitement. At this point in time, we can't get enough access to GT content! :)
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    NFGT Photo album

    Great idea! PM incoming. Thank you!
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Thank you, Paul! I've been getting excited for you, too, for your upcoming arrival.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Thank you, Karl!