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    PPF Choices

    I had a tremendously positive experience using Kevin K/Milliken, and a touch over a year ago Kevin took my 2021 GT to Motor City Solutions for the full-body Xpel ultimate treatment (including ceramic coating afterwards), and then to Fade To Black Protective Films for installation of the...
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    New Velgen wheels

    Looks fantastic! I agree, I am impressed with the PSC2’s on my NFGT, and just put some on my McLaren; much improved on that one, too.
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    The Voodoo Falcon

    Looks like a car done RIGHT! Nice job. Thanks for sharing. That should be a killer ride.
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    Factory Pry Point for Front Coilovers

    That's exactly what I did. Jacked the entire front end up so both wheels were hanging, and didn't need to pry anything.
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    Boss Pics

    Tell me more about your Pantera! I picked up a really nice, 2 owner 11,000 mile early '72 Pantera last year and really love it. Was looking for a Pantera to do the usual restomod thing to one, but this one is so original that I don't have the heart to modify it much.
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    Jason Cammisa Ford GT Revelations

    Isn't that what I said? Correct that it also isn't stock. I think he has Ford Racing exhaust, possibly pulley and tune. I'm sure Parker mentioned it at some point in one of his videos about it.
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    Jason Cammisa Ford GT Revelations

    It’s John Nirenstein’s GT (father of YouTuber Parker Nirenstein), and if I’m not mistaken it still has the ORIGINAL Goodyear tires on it :oops::oops::oops:
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    Jason Cammisa Ford GT Revelations

    "Chris Theodore- hero and all-around badass" !! Love it. Totally agree.
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    Boss Pics

    Wow, quite the high school car! Very nice.
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    CDC Bumper delete installation

    Resurrecting an ancient thread but for anybody looking, I found that all I had to do was unscrew the O2 sensors from the cats to give me enough clearance to wiggle out the bottom frame horn extension bolts.
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    Front Turn Signal Issue

    Ah, Frank is right.. forgot you could get to it that way. I just did mine when I had my liners out to do other things. This photo might be helpful if you are trying to do the job "by feel" as suggested by Dr. Frank:
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    Front Turn Signal Issue

    Common issue. Typically from some oxidation of the thin wires on the bulbs, where they contact inside the socket. You can often get by for quite a while by giving your headlight unit a pretty firm thump (or 2 or 3) with your flat palm, while the turn signal is on (to see when it is "fixed", and...
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    Introduce Myself- New Owner

    Looking forward to updates with your mods, Matt! Welcome. Folks, Matt truly has had some terrific old Ford muscle, and actually a few years ago I bought a 1967 S-code from him for my youngest son. We are slowly modifying it for street/strip duty. Here is what happened the very first time my...
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Pretty nifty trick! Do you know approximately how much weight that option adds?
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    New 2021 Mercedes GT Black Series

    Hi Mitchell, You’re probably already aware, but just in case: I think you should get it, and then sell me your SLS black. :)