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    New Ford GT unveiling

    That is a really hard finish to deliver on a complete car! Kudos to MM for delivering the goods. That is ballsy. I'm not a big fan of exposed CF - I prefer to see it in small doses. This will sell, even at that price.
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    Ford GT MK II vs McLaren Senna

    Slicks vs Street tires, Track only vs Street, too many variables to make it an apples to apples comparison.
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    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    That color is amazing! Congrats.
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    L0042 Arrival 01-31-2020

    Classic color combo. Congrats! She looks great!!!
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    Performance modifications

    That is an excellent point that we all often forget. As sportscars get bigger - they get heavier as well! Great pic!
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    Ford GT mk2

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    Cyber Monday Sale - BBS FI-R Wheels

    They can custom paint any color you would like. I almost had mine painted Competition Orange but then I came to my senses. 8^) FYI: powdercoating forged wheels is not kosher. High heat from powdercoating can anneal the metal causing it to become weaker. Most aftermarket powder coaters don't...
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    Cyber Monday Sale - BBS FI-R Wheels

    Here's a close up shot. Note how the spokes are machined through the sides of the spokes! This reduces the mass yet still allows them to be stiffer than the stock wheels (that BBS produce). BBS are the only company that can machine wheels in this manner.
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    Grabber Blue VIN L077

    Nice color choice!
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    New UK Owner-To-Be

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    New French Owner-To-Be

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    Anyone want to guess what the 2021 Heritage livery will be?

    I'd prefer to see the actual livery the NGT raced in! Now that it is retired, it should be considered a 'heritage' color scheme, right?! ;) Yes, I know it is restricted to Ford executives...:)
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    Somethings up at Ford again... or not?

    Ford appears to be pulling out of racing. The GT program has a clear sunset -sadly. Maybe this upcoming movie will cause some new energy? :unsure: One can dream?!
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    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    Congrats! Make sure you take the factory tour. It was well worth it!!!
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    Mclaren is intent on claiming the GT as there new model.

    GT is fairly generic with many companies who has used it over the years... That Mac is not attractive - too bland.