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    Shelby Bash 2020

    If I ever need an autopsy done to me, I definately want you to do it 🤘:cool:🤘
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Wow .... that is just stunning Congrats, well deserved! Anders
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    GT350 / R "heritage"

    love it ...
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    Thank you Dave! Great time at Rd Atlanta Petit Le Mans

    Great to see everyone again - as always a great event by the people behind it (y):cool:
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    2006 Ford GT for sale by original owner

    I definately do not approve ..... don´t do it ... See ya in a couple of days
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    :ROFLMAO: I´ll be in the Atlanta area from wednesday night to friday night - hope to see you all there.
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    I now have a business meeting in Chicago on the 9th. I know the offical part of the show is most likely sold out - but if there´s any pre race activities thursday and friday I would love to join in. It would be pretty easy for me to fly from Chicago to Atlanta and rent a car. Any ideas welcome...
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    😱 Crazy story .... what a 💩🗣
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    New SPORT car in the stable

    First trip pulling the Fitzel trailer .... picking up the 1980 Mustang Cobra Turbo and the Harley XR1000 25 mpg this
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    WTB - Harley Davidson Sportster

    Yeah it a pretty rare find. Picked it up today from seller and it is beautiful. I could easily have settled for a base XLX sportster from same years but didn´t find any that were stock and in top condition. I agree with you that this is pretty much a collectors quality bike - but I do think...
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    Help an idiot —wing deployment

    you are getting increasingly grumpy with age ;):ROFLMAO: