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    Steve Saleen. The unluckiest guy the automotive industry?

    A phrase/question often overheard these days: “where is it made??”
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    The Ford GT Returns!!

    The 1967 Mk 4, that is:
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    0006 Mule car.

    The ONLY member of this forum that would notice that.....:LOL:
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    Jim Hackett stepping down

    In advance of today's announcement, I had heard that the mahogany walls from the 11th floor conference rooms were on their way back to WHQ. ;)
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    Fluid change and a new battery.
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    Ford Bronco Debuts on July 13, 2020 - Some teasers drifting in early

    Amazing things can happen when you actually commit to build what customers want and need.
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    2021 Graphics

    I believe that we’ve seen those graphics before. I seem to recall seeeing them at the Design Center tour in Dearborn - Rally 10? Believe it was on the story boards they had on-site.
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    2021 F150 Reveal

    Lack of any detail or availability of an Order Guide?? From a format perspective, a product reveal is apparently a canned program/process. Using the same format no matter the product or customer demographic? If the user/owner group for the F150 is anything, it’s a group that into function. I...
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    American version of Goodwood?

    That’s incredibly ambitious - good luck!
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    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    Good on you, Chip! 👍👍
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    My day

    Congrats Terry, that is a beautiful spec!!
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    Car Repairs and Road Side Assistance

    Great info all in one place - thanks Andy!
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    9 Minutes of Your Quarantine ` Please
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    Next Generations at Ford Motor

    Our former Director of Ford Performance (Henry 3) has assumed a tough role.