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    Need factory Catalytic converters for '05-06 GT

    Gentlemen, Does anyone here have a set of take off (or new) factory catalytic converters (or cat delete pipes) for an '05-06 Ford GT that I could buy? Respond here or text me at (602) 430-4877. Thank you! Chip
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    The End

    You guy's are lightweights. I was directed to park in Raj's spot. Chip
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    Ford GT Service in Houston

    Gentlemen, There are a lot of new GT's in the Houston area but not enough to support 3 servicing dealers. I'm amazed that ONE dealership hasn't keyed in on taking care of the cars there. The bitchy thing about the new GT with only about 900 in the U.S. is most techs don't see enough of them...
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    MKII engine upgrade question

    Gentlemen, I was told a limiting factor is the transmission. Bumping the HP from 647 to 660 was NBD but if Ford had bumped it to 750 Getrag wouldn't have it. I'm not a tech or any type of expert here but I believe the trans would have to be upgraded or swapped for something else. The NFGT is...
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    MKII engine upgrade question

    In a few words, no, not possible and no it's not a factory option. I know anything is possible if you're willing to spend unlimited amounts of money but is this feasible within reason, no, not even close. And if someone did spend an insane amount to gain those few HP they would also void the...
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    My New 2022 Liquid Carbon Edition

    No they are not. Those are worse!! Higher resolution please! Chip
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    Flag, Flying, & Ford!

    What a big, noisy, shit hot, good looking airplane that was. Always loved watching Dale Snodgrass fly the Navy Demonstration in the F-14. We flew a ton of the same shows so I saw it a lot. It was cool even with your eyes closed. A sad day when they retired them. Chip
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    Atmosphere Change since 2017 model?

    So many members who "thought about going" wanted an itinerary and there was none. No plan. Every day will be played on the fly. People called to ask questions and I had no answers. "I have no idea how this is going to work, where we're going to stay, or what we're going to do, but it's going...
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    Atmosphere Change since 2017 model?

    Gentlemen, Amen to this. Want to experience real GT enthusiasm? Come to Rally 14 where ever the hell (and whenever) that might be. An orgy of GT owners destroying the investment value of their cars by driving them 500 miles in three days acquiring stone chips, perhaps a windshield star, and...
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    How many Carbon Series so far?

    Do we know this? I don't know that. How many of each year? Chip
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Gentlemen, We've had two rallies in Detroit, two in Las Vegas, two in Utah, two in Texas, two in California, and really...2 in Atlanta in 2018 and 2019 for the last two IMSA Road Atlanta races with the Ford GT Team. It's late and a lot of our members need several months time to plan and...
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    New set of BBS wheels needed

    Are you asking about the Lightweight BBS wheels or the standard 6 spoke BBS wheels? Chip
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    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    I'll make that easy. I just PM'd you his cell #. Send him a text. You never know! Chip
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    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    Gentlemen, Original owner of my 2006 and 2017 GT's. Almost 8000 miles on my 2017 and I've had a blast with it. Multimatic has committed to 20 years of parts support so I don't see that as a problem. Till death do us part. Charley says he plans to keep both of them after I'm gone. Chip
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Gentlemen, Seeing a competition picture like the one above with #67 splattered with bugs genuinely makes me sad knowing I won't see them race again. That was a magic 4 years. Chip