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    Camilo and Jay Leno

    nice! I learned a few new things about my car :)
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    K104 on the way......

    I'm so in love right now....congratulations on your gorgeous baby!
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    2019 IMSA Mid-Ohio and WEC Spa shouldn't be snowing at LeMans ;)
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    Today’s lesson— your car is wide and why clear film is not an option

    that sucks! well thank you for the heads up and educating us on what not to do and its consequences! Hopefully this will be your last lesson
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    2020+ FORD GT Approved Applications. What are your plans for this Supercar?

    I'm sure you will! it was great meeting you and watching you race in LB. Will definitely be buying some Volt lights soon. Congrats on your success.
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    congratulations and thank you for the report and making a ton of kids happy :)
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    Cars & Coffee GT Event

    so many gorgeous cars...hard to pick a favorite..big congrats to Larry and the amazing GT community who rallied behind this event. Great job organizing it!
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    Joey Hand at LB

    lol nooo our english accent is better haha
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    Joey Hand at LB

    And as I mentioned is Supercar Blondie's video of when she was at Long Beach...lots of great perks come with being a 'social media influencer' I saw her getting in to the track and leaving and didn't spend more than two hours there :/
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    Magnetic battery charger

    well done!
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    Genuine Ford GT - Chip Ganassi Fireproof Jacket

    I have a suspicion there will be a lot of us dressed the same at the next Rally lol a motorcycle gang...but with Ford Gts lol Nice :)
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    I think Tim mentioned in an earlier video that he will actually replace the stock rims for gold aftermarket rims...maybe custom made.
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    Xpel/Clear Wrap on NGT

    here's what they do across the pond..courtesy of Shmee150
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    Fabulous Fords Forever! - April 14, 2019

    great looking rims from ADV1! thank you for the research :)
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    2019 Rally

    I know the location already, it's Sacramento🤣🤣😜