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    Oil leak

    I worked on one that was leaking and the chamfer on the taper of the pulley was off. Put a spacer washer to suck the pulley tight, it did the trick. I believe the threads for the nut were not deep enough and the nut was bottoming out on torque spec. Hence the spacer (Hardened Chrome washer from...
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    List of PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) sources

    Thx for the acknowledgement of my technical abilities. I have done quite a few over the years. Also have a vast array of consumables for these cars. FYI I personally owned 4 GT's (3 were bought new) all at same time. 80,000 miles one of them. Sold them all to buy a nice cabin and a 2019...
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    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    I have a new (old stock) set unopened in boxes if anyone wants to PM me. Not sure if this is allowed. I am sure i will find out.
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    Silly thought... have you checked by the halfshafts? Rub under the bottom of them as oil has been known to migrate past the splines and cause a mess. Just speaking from experience.
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    05 Ford GT power loss

    Valve is easy to check, suck on inlet and if it holds, it is good.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Can you believe Canadians are making this phenomenol car. Being born here I am kinda proud.....
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    Call from concierge

    PM me
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    Call from concierge

    I wish that was my answer really. Enjoy.
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    Call from concierge

    I got my 2019 Heritage edition on May 30 2019, Car is still sitting with no miles except 4 times to dealer, and still has issues to be rectified. So this process has become a shit show for me. Just sayin folks. Anyone else out there in my situation please pm me as I am tired of the BS from...
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    Anyone know the font of the Heritage Roundel Numbers?

    I have a full set in a box. Not sure what they are worth, but I do not need them
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    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    PM me I have lots of parts, as I am not buying anymore Ford products as per the BS over my 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition.
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    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    I have short throw shifter still in packaging. Just saying. Actually might have a couple...
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    Newbie from Western Canada

    Enjoy her, I mean the car, I have about 90k miles of seat time. Have a NFGT Heritage but not too impressed with Ford right now over it. I have a cabin 5 hrs from you at Nelson. You will love that car. I have many spare parts and consumables for it as I owned 4 at one time but sold all of them...
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    new 2006 FORD GT owner.... having problems with car please help!

    These are minor irritations, imo, Once car is sorted out you will enjoy it. Sorry to hear about all the issues. These are great cars and I have seat time of approx. 90,000 miles. 80K in one car.
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    Ford Racing Borla Muffler Problems - Need Advice

    Chip, that is why I have Borla on all my stuff. Over the years they have been awesome to deal with. Just my $.02