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    DM me, I have a new one in the box and also have a working one with cracked plastics ( RH side )
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    Lost a rondel—-8

    I have a box set from my heritage, as new
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    Curious Shifting Issue

    Change your clutch fluid. It will be black and disgusting probably. Simple to do with a vacuum bleeder.
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    WTB heffner bumper delete exhaust

    Is it the exhaust you are looking for?
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    The new Porsche GT3 + Porsche GT Heaven

    Likewise, I am trying to get a GT3Touring up here in Western Canada. Like the whole car set up, like no Alcantara, no automatic. etc. A true drivers car from what I understand. Never owned one but trying for this model. As Sinovac said, probably futile effort. Since I am done buying Ford...
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    Car Cover

    I bought the cover from Ford when car was ordered, 2019 Heritage edition and, now we are told we should keep wing up, it doesn't fit right I have been told to pound sand GOOD JOB FORD...... Obviously they do not care as they already have my money $1000 cad for something that I do not...
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    Oil leak

    I worked on one that was leaking and the chamfer on the taper of the pulley was off. Put a spacer washer to suck the pulley tight, it did the trick. I believe the threads for the nut were not deep enough and the nut was bottoming out on torque spec. Hence the spacer (Hardened Chrome washer from...
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    List of PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) sources

    Thx for the acknowledgement of my technical abilities. I have done quite a few over the years. Also have a vast array of consumables for these cars. FYI I personally owned 4 GT's (3 were bought new) all at same time. 80,000 miles one of them. Sold them all to buy a nice cabin and a 2019...
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    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    I have a new (old stock) set unopened in boxes if anyone wants to PM me. Not sure if this is allowed. I am sure i will find out.
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    Silly thought... have you checked by the halfshafts? Rub under the bottom of them as oil has been known to migrate past the splines and cause a mess. Just speaking from experience.
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    05 Ford GT power loss

    Valve is easy to check, suck on inlet and if it holds, it is good.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Can you believe Canadians are making this phenomenol car. Being born here I am kinda proud.....
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    Call from concierge

    PM me
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    Call from concierge

    I wish that was my answer really. Enjoy.
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    Call from concierge

    I got my 2019 Heritage edition on May 30 2019, Car is still sitting with no miles except 4 times to dealer, and still has issues to be rectified. So this process has become a shit show for me. Just sayin folks. Anyone else out there in my situation please pm me as I am tired of the BS from...