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    Ford Performance Racing School moving to Charlotte Motor Speedway

    Was at UMC for 2 day FPRS a few months back. Convenient for me as well. Biggest issue is the short season. Snow leaves in May and reappears in late Sept / Oct. Miller sold it to the County who had no business running a race track. The Ford PRS is top notch for those who want to learn and satisfy...
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    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    Perfect track day cars. Economical (relative) and potent SCCA racers.
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    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    Mid-engine choices under 100Gs are the Alfa 4c, Lotus Evora and Porsche 718. Glad this happened.
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    Secondary market.

    If you don't drive the thing for 2 years let someone else have it.............:cool:
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    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    I like it.
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    Ford vs. Ferrari Film (2019)

    They need to add some schnozz to boy-Bale..............................
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals / seeking Ford GT's / May 31-June 2nd

    Hya Lance, All your events are top notch. The Matech racers are awesome as well. You end up getting a new GT? That alone would be worth the trip. :)🍺
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    FORD GT build book

    Time and will happen.
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    Mecum auction 2006 Ford GT Red Stripe Delete

    Have a plan. Stick to it. No problem.
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    An Oldie but a goody.

    Thanks for the lead...............bought 2.
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    An Afternoon with Cleo Shelby

    Denzel Washington.
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    soon to be a 2006 GT owner

    Team Tungsten - Righteous Dudes.
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    Gauge Failure Prevention

    *** Delete ****