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    Carlisle Ford Nationals / seeking Ford GT's / May 31-June 2nd

    Hya Lance, All your events are top notch. The Matech racers are awesome as well. You end up getting a new GT? That alone would be worth the trip. :)🍺
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    FORD GT build book

    Time and will happen.
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    Mecum auction 2006 Ford GT Red Stripe Delete

    Have a plan. Stick to it. No problem.
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    An Oldie but a goody.

    Thanks for the lead...............bought 2.
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    An Afternoon with Cleo Shelby

    Denzel Washington.
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    soon to be a 2006 GT owner

    Team Tungsten - Righteous Dudes.
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    Gauge Failure Prevention

    *** Delete ****
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    Gauge Failure Prevention

    This is disappointing news. I had high hopes for this alleged remedy. (Installed in both cars) Back to the drawing board for root cause and correctives actions.
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    How come I don't see FGTs anymore on the street?

    In and around Philly..........nothing.
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    Dan Gurney 1931-2018

    Remember his "Gurney For President" bumper sticker.................
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    Dan Gurney 1931-2018

    RIP Dan.
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    How many cars will be delivered in total in 2017?

    Raj is a righteous dude.