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    2006 Midnight Blue GT for sale

    The time has come for me to sell my 2006 Midnight Blue GT. It is a three option car (Stripes, wheels, red calipers), with 14,2xx miles. Excellent condition, no accidents, no modifications. Comes with the Ford GT car cover and battery charger, airbag recall has been completed. I am the second...
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    I upgraded but cant post items for sale? need help

    I am having the same issue as Viper04. I purchased a MkII membership on 8/10, still no sign of an upgrade on my profile as of 8/16. Any help would be appreciated.
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    How to post in for sale section.

    On August 10th I purchased the Mk II Lifetime membership, which I understand to mean I can post in the For Sale forum. However, When I went to post in the For Sale area, I noticed it says I have "insufficient Privileges" to be able to post there. What am I doing wrong, how do I create a post...
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    Has anyone in NJ had their airbag recall done? - Looking for a dealer recommendation

    I couldn't take the almost daily airbag entreaties from Ford any more, so I finally got mine done late this past summer. I went to Fette Ford in Clifton, they are very convenient to the parkway. The owner, John Fette, owns a FGT which is stored in an inflatable storage bag in the service area...
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    NJ Cars and Caffe event today at Garden State Plaza

    Aside from the NGT, I counted 5 FGT's, one red, two white, one blue (mine) and one tungsten. I let a few people sit in my car and take selfies, really made their day!
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    Takata airbag recall

    With whom did you speak to make this arrangement? Any special program that this falls under? I don't imagine Ford will do this for your neighbor's Focus!
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    2006 black no stripe auction on Bring a Trailer

    The buyer isn't paying Craig Jackson anything, but he is paying BAT a buyer's fee of $5,000.00, so his total purchase price is $240k.
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    Parts needed

    The dealer is certainly responsible for the actual repair, the tricky part is getting compensated for the diminished value of the car now that it has damage history.
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    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Howard, are you still planning to head over to Wyckoff this afternoon? The weather looks pretty good, so I will plan to meet you there if you are going Bill.
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    Washing car covers

    No problem with the plastic window.
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    Washing car covers

    By coincidence, I just washed mine this past week. Our machine does not have an agitator , it just tumbles the wash load back and forth. It came out fine. I stretched it out in the basement and it was dry by the next morning.
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    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Weather permitting, I will see you there. I was made aware of New Vernon Coach and Motor by the fellow who organizes the Morris County "Cars and Croissants", who owns a Tungsten FGT. They apparently have several FGT customers and are very familiar with the car. They had 4-5 Ferraris in the...
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    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Sounds good, Howard. Let me know the particulars of the Wyckoff meet-up, I will plan to attend. I dropped the GT down at New Vernon Coach and Motor this morning for a complete fluid change to set a baseline for future maintenance. Also having them try to find a rattle that seems to be coming...
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    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Howard, if you are back from Florida I would enjoy meeting up for some coffee and a chance to compare notes. I am in Kinnelon, and am free pretty much any time.