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    Got one

    Motorcraft 4G7Z-6B651-AA
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    looking for a 05/06 gt

    Amen Brother
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    Wiper inserts

    I got caught in the Rain - once in 15 years . Replaced dried out "fillers " more often.
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    Rear Exit Headers---"NOT STREET LEGAL!"---?

    I found -a modern well tuned motor , like the GT, will pass "sniffed" emissions without Cats. True - it will flunk a Visual inspection- if the Mechanic knows where to look on a GT.
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    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    Good advise .
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    Looking for 05/06 white or blue GT

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    In the Market for a Ford GT Again

    I think about selling mine but , as previously said, it my be too sad to see it go....
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    Price increase!

    I can't stop laughing over "brake lubricant friction reduction " !!
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    The Return

    Good Fun !!
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    Tach and speedometer repair experience

    Hummmmmmno results for "Analogdesigner".. I would like one of the "Fuse Protector units".
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    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    I have the "Short Throw" installed - Fantastic !
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    Storing my 2006 GT

    Good advice - Thanks