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    The Bronco Thread

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    The Bronco Thread

    Anybody see the Area 51 paint in person? I am torn between that and Cactus Gray.
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    What to do with stock tires

    I hung mine from a rope so my son could beat it with a heavy baseball bat. Great for core and forearm strength! :)
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    Voodoo Blue delivery!

    Great choice! Love Voodoo.
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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Beware. There were a few that had the 3.90 gears with the TT setup. They later went back to stock gears because 1st gear was useless. I have the 3.90 gears as well with the 4L whipple and 1st gear is border line useless. I love the 3.90’s though.
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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Yes as well as the odometer.
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    Turn the dial to 11

    That thing is just ridiculous.
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Took advantage of some beautiful, cool weather here in Michigan. Took a trip down to the Gilmore Auto Museum which is about 150 miles round trip through some beautiful country roads. Amy took the ‘06 and never gave it up!
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    What would you be looking to buy next?

    For whatever reason an MB CLK DTM is high on my list. Of course extremely difficult to find, hence the price tag.
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    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    Wow! That is just freaking awesome.
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    New pickup trucks

    Happened so fast at 85 mph, didn't even interrupt my cruise control! haha
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    New pickup trucks

    The uglier the better! Raptor: 1 Deer: 0
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    My new delivery mileage Ford GT

    Well done and welcome!
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    My day