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    New shocks from Ahlman Engineering

    I switched from Penske to these because of how noisy the Penskes were (squeaking). Much, much better product. They are soft when you want them to be and stiff under the the right conditions. Just really well done.
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    Is Trailex the best trailer for the GT

    A lot of guys have Jimglos here and I have an inTech. Look into those two for a good start. Good luck!
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Thanks! It’s called Epic Orange. Same orange found on the 2006 Heritage.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Snow is finally surrendering. First wash of the year. Yeah, boring as sh*t for most but not me!
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    Introducing M019, 2021 Carbon Series NFGT

    Nicely done!
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    2019 Ford GT, liquid red, 9.9 miles, for sale

    If only there were less than 9 miles on the odometer.
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    Best all time Super Bowl commercial

    Only 2nd best to Volkswagen!
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    The Bronco Thread

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    The Bronco Thread

    Anybody see the Area 51 paint in person? I am torn between that and Cactus Gray.
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    What to do with stock tires

    I hung mine from a rope so my son could beat it with a heavy baseball bat. Great for core and forearm strength! :)
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    Voodoo Blue delivery!

    Great choice! Love Voodoo.
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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Beware. There were a few that had the 3.90 gears with the TT setup. They later went back to stock gears because 1st gear was useless. I have the 3.90 gears as well with the 4L whipple and 1st gear is border line useless. I love the 3.90’s though.
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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Yes as well as the odometer.
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    Turn the dial to 11

    That thing is just ridiculous.