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    Cars & Coffee GT Event

    Whoa! That first image almost makes Stormy look topless.
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    Anyone here buying a C8?

    Perhaps GM should have gone in on the BMF chassis group buy?
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    Ford Performance, Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Unveil Special Historic Liveries for Rolex

    Love that idea, Awsum. Another might be if Ford were to revive another livery, (aside from Gulf) which one would you most want to see?
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    Happy New Year!

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    An Oldie but a goody.

    Angelo. Thanks for sharing. I just ordered a copy of Life Magazine from June 25, 1965 off eBay where the seller confirmed this ad is in it. There are plenty still available on eBay with a tiger on the cover. Life was larger than most magazines today, so it’s a good size - with two pages...
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    Ranger Raptor - News from down under

    Bummer. Looks like the Ranger Raptor isn’t coming to the USA anytime soon.
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    Another cool new NFGT t-shirt on blipshift today:

    They have a new one. NB: Blipshift’s ordering window is always very brief.
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    Vintage Ford GT40, Mustang, and Racing pics

    Thanks for sharing. They are so cool to see. Imagining right now just how cool would it have been to be there back then...
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    GT at the ring ??

    Any chance it could be a track-only version?
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    2019 Lightweight Series

    The OP headline uses the term Lightweight Series. Others use the term Option, which ultimately, it surely is. Is Lightweight Series an option that most anyone can choose for their build or a very limited production option similar to the Heritage Series?
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    Ranger Raptor - News from down under

    Pardon me please if posted earlier.
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    As for where to source the Bridgestones, many seem to use Simple Tire and Tire Rack.
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    New owner/member

    This might be what you want.
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2018 pics

    Very nice green color vintage Massachusetts plate, Andy. Is that a permanent addition to the car? I know my dad was able to get the okay from the registry on one for his 1954 XK120-SE. It looks similar to yours, showing clean and sans the month and year stickers normally required for...
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    Am I priced out of the market?

    You seemed okay with compromising on miles. As mentioned earlier, if you can be flexible with color (I know Red was not on your list and I am in the same boat), my Hemmings feed had this in it yesterday.