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    Grabber Blue VIN L077

    Fred, Congratulations! Love that color.
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    Ford v. Ferrari .... kinda

    Before Thunder! Lightning Blue it is for me. Thanks for including us in your journey.
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    Newbie from Western Canada

    Welcome to the forum. Wishing you many miles and years in your future. Sounds like she is a Keeper. Your wife that is. Congrats!
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    New UK Owner-To-Be

    Congratulations ! It will come sooner than you think. Enjoy the journey to the fullest.
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    Track Insurance

    Ernie, That's not the phrase I would use while discussing this matter. Boom! :)
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    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    Please add me for a set. Thank you
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    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    So I'm very excited to share the latest news about my journey. I would like to thank all that were pulling for me and my hopes to secure a very special VIN # 069. Over a month ago when I placed my order for my 2020 version of the 1969 winner of Lemans #6 car I requested the VIN# 69. I was told...
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    Maxemus' Interview with VinWiki

    Great job! Fine ambassador to share the love we all feel for our journey we are all on together. Thanks for sharing.
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    New 2006 GT Owner

    Congratulations. Many miles and years ahead of you. Welcome to the forum.
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    Taking Delivery of K235!!

    Congratulations! A day to remember.
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    K204 Arrives!!

    Elliot, Congratulations! Very nice to meet you this past week. Hope to see you out with it someday.
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    Got The Call

    Congratulations. Well deserved!
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    A Piece of Le Mans - Thanks Sparco!

    Thank you, My NFGT key chain for sure.
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    Q&A with Ford CGR: Drivers, Partners, Team

    Great post! Thanks for sharing the Ultimate journey.
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    A special Thanks to Dave for an outstanding event. Your efforts are appreciated! Also thank you Billy for a wonderful route thru the mountains that gave us all our adrenalin fix for the week. But without all the forum members that came and made the gathering so much more. We had a great time...