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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Thanks for the heads up and all the GT forum does to put these great times together. Also have some scheduling to arrange.
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    It's official, 2005 FGT 1343 is mine

    Congratulations on making your dream come true. Nice SPF GT40 I see it is LHD. I have a RHD drive ordered to be built December this year. More pictures please. Curios about the mirror location compared to fuel cap?
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    Introduce Myself- New Owner

    Matt, Congratulations on putting a GT in your stable. I know it has been a dream of yours and nice to see dreams come true.
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    NOS 5.4 complete engine, 05-06 GT

    Sold! It's staying in Florida. Thank you
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    NOS 5.4 complete engine, 05-06 GT

    REDUCED.... $32,000 takes it. Thank you
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    Andy, I will be there racing again with the 2019 Cobra Jet. Great event and facility.
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    European GT question

    They are different in Emissions and H.P. . Exhaust system is very restrictive. Sounds like a lot of trouble and money to one back to the states when there are more samples already here in the states. JMO. Patience and I'm sure you will find what you want.
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    Any Short Drivers? and Insurance Question

    Ron this question is for you.:LOL::LOL:. Had to beat Dr. Frank to it. Congratulations for the new delivery heading your way. On insurance Classic Auto Insurance is a sponsor here and Drew does a good job with my collection. Post some pictures when you receive her. Welcome to the Forum.
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    Wanted to Buy: 2006 GT in Midnight Blue, Black or Tungsten

    There is a Blue with stripes at Mecum this week.
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    NOS 5.4 complete engine, 05-06 GT

    Yes sir Sunbeam Tiger. Removeable hardtop and fun to drive with V8 power. British Racing Green.
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    NOS 5.4 complete engine, 05-06 GT

    REDUCED!! Listing here first for possible members needs. New never installed NOS complete engine, Dry sump with tank, AC, PS, Alt, Super charger, Dual disc clutch with harnesses. On stand always in climate controlled showroom. Located in central FL. Cost $41,000 new plus $6,000 core charge. Save...
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    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    Maximus (Ernie) was stuck in Florida thanks to the American airlines canceling flights the day of our flights and did not make the trip to the fountains. He made it to the rally the night before the track day.
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    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    #59 68Rcodeman, David Garton
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    Looking for a track car.

    Im going to see a car listed by the seller of the Grabber Blue 302S car in Tampa on Monday if you need any eyes put on it? David
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    Check engine light

    Gary, Usually that type of code would say High circuit. Meaning high resistance. What was the five digit code? P????.. The P stands for powertrain fault.