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    The Return

    Don’t forget to get your wheel balanced so you can drive your GT over 30 mph this time Kirk.
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    The Return

    Lucky 13. Sweeeeeeeeet !!!!!
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    Ford GT Team Edition Chronograph

    Not to be outdone, I ordered two.
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    Extended length tow hook

    I have one of yours. I was wondering when you were gonna chime in.
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    Which blue to pick?

    Great choice. Super cars wear super colors well.
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    Which blue to pick?

    Kona Blue sample on top of my 2005 midnight blue GT.
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    Which blue to pick?

    Kona Blue is a great choice since Midnight Blue is locked
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    Which blue to pick?

    Like Specracer said Midnight Blue is locked out and so is Blu Le Mans.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Fred I think you posted on the wrong thread. This is not the “Someday I’ll drive my NFGT when I get it” thread. This is the “What Have You Done With Your New Ford GT?” thread.
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    2020 differences??

    If I were a betting man I’d say no. The internals of the motors are different (pistons) and they would have to take the buttresses apart to replace the duct work with larger duct work along with the bigger intercoolers so basically they’d have to take the back half of the car off and start over.
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    2020 differences??

    Blasting through the Texas Hill Country today with 4 other GTs and passing cars in a wholesale fashion I thought this car really needs another 13HP - not. Don’t get me wrong I’d take the extra HP but I won’t miss it on my 2019.
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    Grabber Blue VIN L077

    My GT was delivered on a Friday and my concierge gave me the all clear on the following Monday.
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    L0042 Arrival 01-31-2020

    Dr Frank’s Red Devil and Stormcat’s “Stormy” have black lowers.
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    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    Lol. That or you have a GIGANTIC garage.
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    New Ford GT unveiling

    Wait what? Carbon fiber doesn’t like UV rays? Ahh crap!