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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Happy 4th of July everyone! Merica!!!
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    Congratulations Steve Coates

    I was Steve’s last delivery of 2019. Since he didn’t have anymore deliveries until January 2020 he took extra time with my delivery. We talked cars and hung out. Then my brother came over and we hung out. We ended going to dinner later that night. I think I had one of the longest deliveries of...
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Wait, I’m confused. Are we supposed to bring the Wixom GT to the Markham plant or the Markham GT to the Wixom plant or Menards?
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Thanks for the heads up and thank you too.
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    Best looking 05/06 GT

    The best looking GT is the one you own. New or old.
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    Ford GT chassis - any available?

    Bet Me! I’m absolutely positive Rich Brooks bought two chassis. I’m absolutely positive I paid 50% for one of the two chassis. I’m absolutely positive I saw both in his shop and I’m absolutely positive I stood by one and took a picture. When I hung out with Rich in April 2022 he still had our...
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    Ford GT chassis - any available?

    Rich Brooks has one for sale.
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    Will you keep your NGT for the long haul?

    3 years so far and building a new garage for it. I guess the test ride I let you take in mine during Rally 13 left a mark on your psyche.
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    05/06 Power Steering Hose Deterioration

    Man I sold a left side headlight a couple of years ago because someone needed it to get their GT to pass inspection. Sorry I sold it now.
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    TOP GUN II (Maverick) 5-27-2022

    If this wasn’t a car forum I’d ask more questions about the bikini clad preacher’s daughter. But I won’t.
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    N082 Delivery Day!

    Beautiful spec. Congratulations.
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    The Bronco Thread

    My hybrid has been ordered as well in Antimatter Blue.
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    The Bronco Thread

    Carbonized Gray with the stealth film looks pretty sweet !!
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    Tires are available

    Mine were delivered and are sitting in a spare bedroom. Now my house smells like “Discount Tire”. It least it masks the dog pee.
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    Just bought a complete set. Shipping out this week.