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    Agree Karl
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    Quote Originally Posted by DBK View Post
    Basically "I'm a sleazy unethical piece of shit that is butt hurt my auction house didn't get to sell the charity GT that Barrett-Jackson did." I think that's what the closed caption said on the video, couldn't tell, the font was small, the audio was off and I'm bad at lip reading.
    I sense you're holding back now Dave, pls tell us how you really feel! ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DC-DD View Post
    Something to think about now is there will now be more people who will fill out the application to try getting one of the last round of new GT's. Not because they really want one but how much money they can make. Hopefully there will be a question on the new application asking if you have applied already in the first round and those people will get a one up on the new applicants. There are a lot of well deserved forum members that have posted here about being denied that I am sure a lot of us would love to see get the chance . JMO

    Remember the rest of us on this forum are living the dream through the few that get the New GT !!! SO POST MORE PICTURES

    agreed,my thoughts exactly and unfortunately i think there will be more
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    Dominic I couldn't agree more about the first round applicants getting some form of preference. Even though I don't make a lot of posts own this forum as you can see, I was to my knowledge within the first 100 applicants in the original round and also own a 06 Heritage car. I was denied and not even waitlisted. While I have remained positive I would be really disappointed if Ford didn't give SOME form of preference to to all of us who were turned down. I'd even argue that they shouldn't even "open" the new allocation to ANYONE who didn't apply in the first round. There are plenty of us out here to choose from without adding another round of new applications. I guess we will see soon enough.

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    I'd even argue that they shouldn't even "open" the new allocation to ANYONE who didn't apply in the first round. There are plenty of us out here to choose from without adding another round of new applications.>>

    Good point, and would limit the number of would-be flippers at least somewhat.
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    [QUOTE=nautoncall;470278]Last 250 only to forum members!!

    Yes, what he said!!

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    Well, I didn't apply in the first round because I figured there was zero chance of getting an allocation, given the much longer and higher profile GT ownership by some of you, and further that it would have just diluted your chances. If applying in the first round becomes another qualification, I guess I'll have zero chance of getting one in the second round too.
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