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Renewed my annual membership on 2-11-20 as I wasn't sent a renewal notice and have yet to get my privileges restored. Please help as I may list my 2005 GT for sale. RickH
I have not been able to contact Rich Brooks to purchase another pair of his 2017-2020 rock screens. Can't find the contact information. Thanks for any assistance. GT 713-859-1200
Sent an email last week and haven't gotten a response either for 2020 rock screens
Id like to modify my GT to make more horsepower when I get it first quarter of 2020. Whats possible? Whats available?
Hi, Shark01,

If you have any interest in buying a 2006 Ford GT Heritage, I have a nice one with mileage just under 5000. Not miles enough for any appreciable wear, still on the original tires. I have an ad on the Corvette Forum under other cars, Eddie FourFather Hill. I think mine is the lowest priced undamaged Heritage on the market.


If you're a seller at $200k, I'm your buyer.....just kidding, I'm really budget limited to the low low end of the market.

First, welcome to the Forum. I hope you acquire a GT and get involved. Second, unfortunately, you can't sell or promote anything on the Forum if you're not a vendor. You'd have to contact DBK about that. I think your watches are cool and I wish you much success. All the best.

Chip Beck
Interested in updating member status to enable posting of 2006 Ford GT for sale. How can I gain access to post classified ad for vehicle sale? Jerry Kircher 321-424-0250
Hi, this is Kendall. I'm wondering what you think a fair price for your wheels would be? Dearborn performance has had a complete new set available for awhile - maybe because their price is too high?

GT BBS Wheels

Let me know if you have a price in mind.

Thanks very much.

Best regards,
Hey Kendall,
Not sure but I recall they were around 2500. Each?
410-320-4945 is my cell if you have any questions.....again. I’m not sure of current market value. Thanks
Scale model builder from the Netherlands. Currently building the #85 Keating Motorsports Ford GT Le Mans 2019
Provide me you email address and i will forward pictures
Provide me you email address and i will forward pictures
Viele Grüße, ich bekomme auch noch einen neuen GT. André Quakernack +491725200455. Vielleicht schreiben wir mal?
Hey, kind reagards from Germany. I would also getting one more new GT. My mobile number is +491725200455. If you would like to keep in touch, just send me a WhatsApp. I allready have 2 of the new ones. Kind regards, André
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