Unigue and other GT Memorabilia.


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Apr 5, 2009
Southern California
Our local Vons got these
'checkout dividers' about 3 years ago and not to long after I got the most wonderful news of getting a new GT.
Whenever I shopped there and see these, I would remain silent, not utter a word about it and start daydreaming of delivery day from Pat Milliken.
Since Redlands Ford has been
sold and is now Ken Groody Ford, they trashed these. I talked the manager out of one. They were already gone in dumpsters with just a few that had gone unnoticed.
If you have any unique or other memorabilia you care to share, post it here.
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Sep 9, 2006
Found (and purchased) this fun item. Original theater movie marquee insert. Put it up in one the courtyard facing windows so it is nicely backlit during the day.IMG_3880.jpg