Ultima CanAm Supercar, 2090 pounds, 672 HP, for sale, Eddie FourFather Hill


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May 24, 2007
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I bought this car in 2007, already assembled, by Brammo, the company that built the first USA Ariel Atoms. It was built specifically for the Run’N’Gun competition, (Autocross, Road race) and as such, is set up for maximum performance. Max power, minimum weight.

It is powered by the Brodix company’s own 440 cubic inch all aluminum small block Chevy, that they built for their own race car, and I have the dyno sheets. Showing over 600 HP from 5300 all the way to 669 at 6991, max of 672.3 at 6900.

The Porsche transaxle shifts very nicely and quickly on track, and I can see why people pay so much money for Porsches.

The CanAm is equipped with the very expensive, but very desirable and worth the money, Magneshocks system. It is like the magnetorheological shocks on the new Corvettes, but these are very easily driver adjustable, from sitting in the driver’s seat. At Hallett Motor Raceway near Tulsa, I experimented with the system one day. I took the car from neutral, to understeer, to oversteer, and back to neutral again, all in just a few minutes of pushing buttons on the control panel in the driver side pod, while seated comfortably in the driver’s seat. This was with the 569HP, original engine.

This CanAm is faster than any of my Ariel Atoms, on a technical track like Hallett. And MUCH faster on a longer track with longer straights, and this was with the original 569 HP. It is really going to be a rocket with an extra 100 HP.

This sale comes with two engines. The original 427 all aluminum carbureted Chevy small block that made 569 wheel HP, and the 440 cubic inch all aluminum dry sump, electronic stack injection small block that is currently being installed in the car. We need to finish the install by mounting the drysump oil tank and the electronic control box for the Kinsler show-polished injectors. And plumbing both systems, and the wiring for the injectors.

My CanAm has several important upgrades from the standard build, too much to try to list here, but I’d be happy to go over all that with a serious and qualified buyer.

Priced at $124,900, finished and ready to go, with both engines included, and I can finish the 440 install to the buyer’s wishes on some of the details. Or if you want the car and want to do the finish work on the 440 install, you could do it exactly the way you want, and get a discount- save some money.

PM me for contact info.

Or if you call my www.eddiehillsfuncycles.com dealership , be sure to tell whoever answers the phone that the call is about my CanAm for sale. My crew does a good job of screening out telemarketers.

Thanks for looking.




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Feb 8, 2007
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That thing has got to be crazy fast Eddie ! Good luck on the sale.

Bored last night, so watched the NHRA Drags from Pomona. Pro Stockers doing what the Funny Cars used to do. Where's Grumpy Jenkins and Sox & Martin when you need them.
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